(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Touring Company played to a full house at the Durham Performing Arts Center on the evening of December 28, 2008. The magnificent singing and dancing captivated the diverse audience.

(Left to right) Retired law professor Dan Pollitt, N.C. State Senators Ellie Kinnaird and Floyd McKissick attend the first ever DPA show in Durham, N.C on the evening of Dec. 28.

North Carolina State Senator Ellie Kinnaird attended the DPA show together with her friend and law professor Dan Pollitt at North Carolina State University (left). Ms. Kinnaird highly praised the show, saying, "The entire show, from beginning to end, was absolutely beautiful, exciting. The message they conveyed, that is Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, gives us great hope ."

North Carolina State Senator Floyd McKissick also attended the show. He said that it was really an exhilarating experience. The costumes, performers and stage settings were graceful and elegant. He said that he was grateful to DPA for bringing the show to Durham.

Law professor Dan Pollitt also had high praise for the show. He called the show, "Fabulous, incredible." He was impressed by the lightness and gentle movements of the dancers, the vigorous Tang drums, and vivid and interesting backdrops. He said that it was a perfect convergence. He commended the show for having high standard and being authentic.

Senator McKissick was also impressed with the dance "Persecuted on a Sacred Path," which depicted the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. He said that he had learned about the issue, and he thought the dance did a good job of portraying the suffering that they have endured and that many (Falun Gong practitioners) have been murdered.

Professor Pollitt has engaged in research on the First Amendment and freedom of speech for over 50 years. He said, "I'm a person who respects freedom of speech. I have been pondering many times why (the Chinese Communist Party) forbids the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners to voice their minds, and forbids them to freely choose their belief." "They have not hurt anybody, and the persecution is really bad," he added.