Editors' note: In both Western and Chinese cultures, the principle of karmic retribution, that is, being held ultimately accountable for one's own actions, is widely accepted. The fundamental teaching of Falun Gong is the characteristic of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The universe will reward acts that are in harmony with this principle, while doing things such as beating, torturing and murdering people will incur karmic retribution. Stated another way, good deeds will be rewarded with good, while evildoings will meet due retribution. Articles such as this one are meant as a compassionate reminder of this principle to those who would commit wrongdoing. While many of those who persecute Falun Gong are merely "following orders," the universal law requires that they too be held responsible for their actions, and that only by reversing their course of wrongdoing may they escape retribution.

Director of Gaomi Public Security Bureau Dies in a Car Accident

Since 2007, when Shan Zhenzhong became director of public security bureau of Gaomi City, he had been actively following the orders of the Party in persecuting Falun Gong. In the preceding year, he had tortured over thirty practitioners, sending more than ten of them to forced labor camps. Although practitioners persistently clarified the truth to him, he refused to listen. When a family of practitioners went and explained the facts to his mother, Shan insulted and threatened them. Even when his classmates and relatives tried to inform him of the true situation, he always avoided or refused to see them, repeatedly denying himself the opportunity to be saved.

On the evening of August 25, 2008, Shan Zhenzhong, 38, and his pregnant wife, 30, were struck and killed by a large truck while driving their car. It was a horrible scene. They lost their young lives as a result of following the evil Party's order to persecute Falun Gong.

We hope those people who are still following the Party's orders to persecute Dafa practitioners will stop immediately. Please do not follow in their footsteps.

Hubei Province Officials Suffer Retribution

  1. Lu Chuhong was manager of the Donghua Factory in Longganghu, Huanggang City, Hubei Province. Without cause, he stopped paying the salaries and benefits to employees who were practitioners. He also monitored them, ransacked their homes, and prohibited people from practicing Falun Gong. In July 2001, he died at the age of 49.

  2. Mao Xiangqiu was deputy-secretary of a division of Longganghu in Huanggang City. He had followed Jiang's regime in persecuting Falun Gong. He beat practitioners, deceived them, and sent them to forced labor. Six months later, in November 2005, he died at the age of 56.

  3. Mei Xing was principal of a school in Longganghu, Huanggang City. He later became an accountant. He destroyed Dafa materials and slandered Dafa practitioners. In 2004, he died at the age of 66.

Karmic retribution is not what practitioners wish to see. We present these cases not because of hatred, but to warn those people who are still involved in the persecution to learn from these lessons, and face them squarely in their precarious situations. We hope that they will stop their crimes immediately, make up for their past wrongdoings, and redeem themselves.