(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago, a relative of mine from a distant area, who is also a practitioner, came to my home. During our conversation, she repeated something that she said many times in the past, "My hearing is getting dimmer and dimmer." I said, "You are constantly strengthening your field, how could your hearing not become dimmed?" In the evening, I spoke with an aged fellow practitioner in another area on the phone. She said that one day, after she came back from a fellow practitioner's home, her "legs couldn't fold into double lotus any more; they just couldn't fold up." She repeated this. That night, as I had some deep thoughts. An overwhelming power that came to me was so strong that I was able to sit down and write out this experience sharing paper overnight. If there is anything inappropriate, please point it out and compassionately correct me.

I wanted to share my enlightenment on "one thought" and "cultivating the heart." We all know that non-cultivators don't have energy, and the substance emitted when they think of something will disperse in a short time. Even so, the thoughts generated when one worships Buddha to pursue a promotion or to get rich can produce a fake Buddha. We are all familiar with Master's teaching of how a person who was tricked into believing he was bleeding to death actually died, even though he was not bleeding at all. He actually caused his blood pressure, heartbeat and organs to all be in the state of death corresponding with his mind intent. If an ordinary person is able to cause his own death by his thoughts, aren't the thoughts of a Dafa disciple even more powerful? Because "a thought generated by the human brain is a substance" and "matter and mind are one thing," (Zhuan Falun) this is the truth of the universe. Then if you "think" your hearing is getting dimmer and dimmer, because your thought is this way, your hearing will actually appear to be in a diminished state correspondingly. Dafa practitioners all have divine supernormal abilities, and this energy is very powerful. The energy of the substance that you emit when you are thinking of problems, the higher your level is, the longer it will remain, and the duration it "freezes" in that state will be longer. Therefore, thinking is pursuing, pursuing is an attachment, and this is just strengthening that field. In addition, during the Fa rectification period, the evil is watching and glaring at Dafa disciples' "omissions" fiercely and covetously. They are enlarging your attachments, making you no longer clear-headed, and thus they use your attachments to control you. They impose a tribulation at the crucial moment, causing your boat to turn upside down, no matter if it's a big wind on a big wave or an unimaginably small mud ditch. There have been many lessons like this.

There is one elderly practitioner in my area who was able to step forward with righteous thoughts and act righteously when the police frantically searched her home. However later on, this same practitioner could not let go of a candy-size bump on her cheek, and went to the hospital for a checkup. Soon after an operation was performed to remove it. This practitioner appeared to be healthy otherwise, but passed away in the twinkling of an eye. Another practitioner who had this same kind of bump before practicing cultivation, in almost the same location, sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference and to clean the field, and in the end, it was completely eliminated.

A female practitioner who I am familiar with has studied the Fa very thoroughly. She had cultivated herself on every single thought since July 20, 1999. She tried her best to examine herself according to the Fa's principles, everywhere and in everything. She had gone to Beijing to validate the Fa many times. Neither the detention center, the brainwashing classes, or the forced labor camps could confine her. Once when she was arrested and sent to the detention center, she went on hunger strike and demanded to be released unconditionally. The prison guards were afraid, and told her that as long as she ate, they would find her Dafa books, and she could study the Fa and practice the exercises at will, but she refused to cooperate. The guards then escalated the torture. The prison doctor forcibly drove steel needles into her fingernails. Enduring this torture, as long as she had a shred of consciousness, she recited the Fa rectification formula, and called out; "Falun Dafa is good." At the same time, she maintained the righteous thought, "You can't take my life away." She fainted, and when she woke up, they shoved the needles into her again. They didn't stop after driving the needles into her finger nails on both hands: the prison guards inhumanly shoved steel needles into her finger joints and the palm joints of both hands. The steel needles were driven into the joints one by one; some steel needles were even driven through her palm. When facing this unwavering woman Dafa disciple, the prison guards even twisted the steel needles one by one that they had inserted into her fingers, all the while wildly laughing and cursing. The practitioner suffered unbearable, enormous pain. In the end, the prison guards had to send her home when she looked like she was close to death. There were many times where she was tortured to the extreme of her life, but she would quickly eliminate the evil that persecuted her, recover completely, and come back to Fa rectification. This is because she had solidly cultivated every thought of hers during her years of cultivation, and improved her "xinxing". Thus she could reach this realm.

On the other hand, those Dafa disciples who have fallen are those who couldn't let go of the attachments to being human. At the crucial moment, their human thoughts rose one after another. When any human thoughts interfere, the evil is glaring at us fiercely and covetously like a tiger in other dimensions. In layers upon layers, they will come swarming forward, causing us painful tribulations, trying to make us fall. Therefore, it's extremely important for Dafa disciples to genuinely cultivate every part of themselves while doing the three things.

However, "A person's every thought is built on a long period of cultivation." ("Teaching the Fa in New York City" from Lectures in the United States) It's clear that "one thought" and "cultivation of heart" complement each other. A Dafa disciple's cultivation requires one to step out of ordinary humanness, one must completely pour out one's negative things. This process is one of constantly letting go of one's attachments; it means to change one's human thinking to the thought structure of a divine being. This is the process of genuine cultivation practice. Study the Fa, and genuinely cultivate oneself in the practice. Master has taught the Fa thoroughly, now we must study and understand the Fa thoroughly. How thoroughly we understand the Fa, and how high we really enlighten to, that is how far we can rise. While doing the "three things", we should study the Fa and cultivate our hearts, use the Fa to guide our every thought and every action. Didn't Master give us the magic tool of cultivation--looking inside? Practitioners must look inside their hearts, devote time and energy to truly examining their hearts, watch every thought well without the slightest relaxation, and use the Fa to filter every thought, countless times every day. They must dig down to see what attachment it is. If they find a human attachment, or some wild fancy, then they must discard it, eliminate it right away after recognizing it. It's fine to either cleanse it or cleanse with conjoined hands at any time. However much we can do ourselves, then that is how much Master will be able to do for us. Even if among one hundred thoughts, we only measure one thought with the Fa, that is the beginning of genuine cultivation practice. Fellow practitioners, the cultivation of one's mind and thoughts are the path by which a human being cultivates into a deity!

"Dafa is about cultivation only--Dafa has nothing but cultivation." ("Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students")

In Fa rectification, we use different forms of human activity to save people, and to expose the persecution, but these are not things that belong to Dafa; this is only walking on one's path while validating the Fa and establishing one's mighty virtue. As long as we diligently look inside and constantly cleanse ourselves every moment, and persist in doing this, then looking inside will become a habit, and everything will become simple and without intention. The mind becomes simple, one's life becomes simple, letting go of attachments is not hard any more, and we will deeply experience that our mind is more and more under our direction. It will quiet down when we want it to quiet down.

If you still find it difficult to enter tranquility when you practice the exercises or when sending forth righteous thoughts, or even if you experience the state of churning seas and rivers in your mind, then you must make the best use of your time for genuine cultivation practice! Cling fast to the most fundamental cultivation method given to a Dafa cultivator, which is to look inward, use the Fa to measure each and every thought, rectify every thought with the Fa, make all the factors in our own dimensional fields that do not conform with the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance be disintegrated and cleared away. Guard your own thoughts well and take good care of your own small universe. You are the lord of your universe, you have control over and the final say on everything that concerns you. If any part of your body manifests an incorrect state, first look inside, and then send forth strong righteous thoughts: I am the lord of my own universe, a Dafa disciple's body must validate the goodness of Dafa to the world's people. I absolutely can't allow any being to use any excuses to ruin my body or my universe through the form of "sickness karma." We must be responsible to the countless universe's firmaments within our own huge celestial body, and be responsible to the countless sentient beings existing there. When our body appears to have a "sickness karma" state, the countless sentient beings in the dimensions layer upon layer are facing the danger of being eliminated by the wave of Fa rectification that will come in the twinkling of an eye.

In other words, the course of Fa rectification is closely linked with our individual cultivation! Then how serious is cultivation! It is not so simple as it appears on the surface whether one cultivates well or not. It actually becomes the critical problem of life and death that determines whether we are saving sentient beings or destroying sentient beings. We must cultivate ourselves well, solidly cultivate ourselves, this is the sacred mission of Dafa disciples! We need to cultivate until we are without attachments, we must cultivate every single cell well.

Now with Fa rectification so close to the end, it is not just enough anymore if Dafa disciples only removes bad thoughts, attachments, and desires, we must also change our human thinking and our different human notions that have been formed in our very bones over the hundreds and thousands of years. We must completely eliminate the poisonous factors of the evil Party's culture. We must cultivate ourselves well and save sentient beings, make full use of every minute to clarify the truth, so that we may be worthy to face Master in the near future, and to face the sentient beings. Let us think and act righteously, and reach our highest levels!