(Clearwisdom.net) Beijing practitioner Ms. Cao Guirong is suffering from a mental disorder as a result of being tortured in Beijing Women's Prison.

One day between April and May 2007, guards from the Third Ward of the Beijing Women's Prison dragged Ms. Cao Guirong to the laundry drying room, which is used for air-drying clothes. When they got there, they made the other inmates present go to the great hall. They then used several high-voltage electric batons to simultaneously shock Ms. Cao on her sensitive parts. The other inmates heard her crying out in pain. The guards who took part were Xu Weiran (female), Wu Haitao (female), and several male guards from the prison office. The surname of one of the male guards is Xing.

Ms. Cao Guirong, in her 60s, was sentenced to six to seven years in prison for practicing Falun Gong. She was first jailed at the Tenth Ward of the Beijing Women's Prison. On March 28, 2007, when the Third Ward was created, Ms. Cao was transferred there. Under the command of Director Xiao Liqun (female), the guards in the Third Ward adopted a long-term, concealed torture technique to use on practitioners. They personally tortured Ms. Cao, and also instigated her cell mates to torture her. Ms. Cao lived in constant terror.

Beijing Women's Prison portrays itself as having "humane" management. In fact, its guards have been torturing practitioners since the very beginning. Forms of torture include personal monitors, sleep deprivation, collective besieges, "wheel war" (the guards take turns torturing a single practitioner), etc. From the directors of the wards on down to the guards, they all break the law while they are supposed to be enforcing the law. They torture practitioners and try to conceal their crimes.

We are asking righteous people in the world to pay attention to Beijing practitioner Ms. Cao Guirong's case and quickly help free her from persecution.