(Clearwisdom.net) A Falun Dafa practitioner was arrested when he was clarifying the truth in Changchun City, Jilin Province in the middle of October 2000. I was also involved. On that same day, police officers went to my workplace and arrested me, taking me to the police department.

I was handcuffed in the office until evening, and five police officers came in drunk and were saying dirty words. They punched and kicked me. They asked me where I got the truth clarifying materials and how we were contacted. I said I did not know. The leader said, "Take him away." Immediately, someone put a mask over my eyes. I knew that they would take me to the criminal interrogation office at Jingyuetan. When I was in the police vehicle, an officer talked to another one and said "Use some strategies on him, but do not kill him." It took half an hour for the police to get there, and it felt like it was in a hotel. On the way there a police officer bought a bottle of water, which I realized would be used to torture me.

Police officers handcuffed me to a metal chair, and they opened a window and tore off my clothes. They then poured the water over me and said that they would let me feel cool (at that time, it was cold). A police office said viciously, "You do not know where this place is and what it is used for. If you do not tell us what we want, we will kill you. We would then just dig a hole and you will be buried inside." After that they started interrogating and torturing me. Four officers cuffed my hands behind me. They then raised my arms from the back to the front backwards. Later the leader talked to the other four police officers and said "I think you are too kind to him." He then came back to me and pulled my arms up with force. With a crunching sound my right arm was dislocated.

A police officer used an electric baton that was barely charged. After it was out of power, he would charge it continuously, again and again, and then it was used to shock me. On the second day I found there were purple and black burnt wounds all over my chest.

They tortured me this way for almost a whole night but they did not get what they wanted. The following day, I was detained at the detention center, and six months later I was released.