(Clearwisdom.net) Several days ago, I didn't notice my one-year-old baby crawl into my study. My laptop computer was on the desk, and as he pulled himself up, he accidentally pulled two key caps from the keyboard. Fortunately, they are covered by the warranty. I tested the keys and found that they still functioned even without their caps. To save time, I didn't bother having the keys repaired.

Today when I looked at the two keys without their caps I felt uneasy. Although they were still functional, they seemed to stand out from the rest of the keys. Without their caps, dust could easily get inside the keyboard and build up. Just like human skin, if it is broken, viruses can enter the body and make a person ill.

Just then, the word "maintenance" popped into my mind.

I am cultivating in the human world surrounded by various enticements and attachments. Anything that happens to me is not accidental and is related to my cultivation--for me to eliminate attachments, rectify my thoughts, and improve my xinxing. Practitioners in China cultivate in a very hostile environment, due to persecution by the Chinese Communist Party. When a practitioner doesn't do well in cultivation, although it may look trivial, a gap will form. If the practitioner doesn't fix the problem for a long time, the gap will be taken advantage of by the old forces and eventually cause a big loss to the practitioner, and can even affect the progress of Fa rectification. In my personal cultivation, when all of my thoughts and actions don't measure up to the Fa's requirements or I am reluctant to look inward to fix the gaps in my xinxing, my cultivation level falls, and I can't diligently do the three things that Teacher has asked us to do.

Through the keyboard incident, I saw my attachment to avoiding making an effort. In fact, it was laziness. Because of laziness, I don't want to go out in the hot weather, I am reluctant to learn new things and techniques, and I am stuck in the state of slacking off. This laziness also severely affects my personal cultivation and my ability to save sentient beings and assist teacher in the Fa rectification. The attachment of laziness is such a big gap for a practitioner! No wonder God included "Laziness" [sloth] in the list of seven deadly sins.

After I realized my attachment, I immediately took action to correct myself. I went to the store and had the keyboard fixed. At same time, I learned how to use just one key to restore the system's original settings. I also bought anti-virus software and used it to find several viruses on my computer. Every day I surfed the web using anti-blockage software. Such security loopholes could have caused a big loss if they were not taken care of in time. I understood that as a practitioner, we should always pay attention to our thoughts and actions based on the Fa, correct or improve ourselves if there is any omission, and not give evil elements the opportunity to interfere with us. Only by doing this can we be truly diligent in our cultivation.

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