(Clearwisdom.net) With the Olympics at hand, security everywhere is very tight, and everyone riding buses is now being searched. Yesterday, an elderly lady carrying a carton of milk was told that this was "prohibited merchandise for carrying." She was ordered to get off the bus, yet she sat there without moving. The bus driver called the police, and the lady was forcibly taken away. Moments later, a young man wearing glasses stepped on the bus, and was asked to open his bag for a security check. He angrily complained, "What kind of society is this! What other country that held the Olympics was like this?" The police arrived and took him away. People have commented that the Olympics has made the CCP crazy, and I think that this is not without reason.

From a cultivator's perspective, I feel that the Olympics have no relationship with cultivators--it isn't a subject that we'll have to spend too much time dealing with. Having the Olympics is a good thing, and being without the Olympics is a good thing as well. Why? Because if they're successful in holding the Olympics, we'll do our cultivation practice as well as saving people in that environment without losing the opportunity; if they aren't successful, we'll be doing the same thing, just like before. As long as we're true cultivators, then regardless of the different environments we are exposed to, we'll perform our cultivation practice, we'll do our Dafa work well, and we'll reach Consummation. The Great Way is without form, and Dafa is boundless. Teacher created this situation for our cultivation practice in human society, and this is the surest way to save more people.

The CCP persecutes practitioners not only because of the Olympics--the fact is that they could not sit still without doing something bad. Whatever the wicked CCP does, whether it's playing politics or any kind of political movement, they will come up with one plot or another. That is its nature. Yet no matter how hard the wicked CCP tries, it cannot jump out of a Tathagata's palm--everything is controlled by divine beings. Today, the wicked CCP exists only for the sake of practitioners' cultivation practice. If all practitioners could step forward and reach Consummation, the Fa-rectification would be completed, then who would want the wicked CCP? In no time the wicked CCP will certainly turn into ashes.

Why then are some fellow practitioners feeling unsettled and shaken by the Olympics? There is an attachment of fear in their minds. As long as you have fear, those wicked people will look for you--the more fear you have, the harder they will try to find you. People used to say, "What you fear most is always what you end up encountering" and "If you're afraid of ghosts, you will probably end up seeing one." If you don't have the attachment, the wicked ones won't dare to come and interfere with you.

Where we live, there is an older practitioner in her seventies who is cheerful all the time. She is not afraid of passing out materials, including the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and "clarifying the facts" to save people in the daytime on busy streets. Yet, the authorities have never brought her problems. When asked if she was afraid, she said, "What is fear? I don't even have the concept of it. The evil cannot touch me. This little wicked CCP isn't qualified." The CCP has been persecuting practitioners for the last nine years, but haven't touched her even once.

At this moment, there are only ten days left before the opening ceremonies of the CCP Olympics. The CCP is acting irrationally and trying to scare everyone. They are not only hurting cultivators, but all the people in mainland China and the rest of the world. In view of this, isn't this a good opportunity for us to clarify the facts to save people? There is no time for us to think of anything else except saving people.

As a matter of fact, today's events were prearranged in history for the advancement of Dafa cultivation, as well as offering another opportunity for us to save more people. It is certainly a rare and precious opportunity. Fellow practitioners, please step forward and do not miss it!