(Clearwisdom.net) One afternoon not long ago when I was home, I suddenly felt that I had entered a Western paradise. I am not familiar with Western culture at all. I have only learned a little about Western culture from movies. I will try my best to recall what I saw.

I saw two little angels who had come to guide me to their paradise. I can still see their golden, curly locks and blue eyes. They were plump, had a pair of wings on their back, and a halo over their head. They looked indescribably innocent and adorable as they grinned and hovered over my head. When I tried to touch them, they withdrew and flew away.

Guided by the two little angels, I entered their paradise. On the way there, I saw many male and female angels in white robes. They smiled at me and elegantly bowed. I gave a heshi gesture in return. There were strange and magical flowers and plants on both sides of the road. I saw unknown mystical creatures nearby. In the distance a river radiated colorful light. From time to time, I would come across white stone tables and stools on the wayside. On the tops of the stone tables were plates of fruit and urns. When the angels consumed the fruit and drink, the plates and urns would refill themselves. The entire world looked like a large garden, and each flower and plant was delicate and radiant. Although the heavenly paradise seemed nice and beautiful, I felt something was missing.

Finally, I reached the foot of a short mountain. It was a white mountain, but not exactly the same type of white as in the human world. The entire mountain was radiating light. I didn't realize at the time that the two little angels had already left. There were three buildings on top of the mountain, a large one flanked by two smaller ones, yet each building was uniquely designed. When I reached the mountaintop, I heard sound coming from the building on the right. I walked over and saw a crescent-shape table inside. There were many angels standing and sitting inside. The two angels standing across from the entrance were also wearing white robes, except theirs had many embellishments. Next, I walked to the large building in the middle. It was a very tall, grand building. There was a row of approximately 20 giant columns symmetrically arranged on each side in front of the building. Behind the columns was a passage parallel to the columns. I entered the door and saw a large chair with a tall back facing the entrance. It was flanked by smaller chairs. There were murals and colorful decorations on the walls. They were very beautiful. I couldn't tell whether they were paintings or carvings on the walls.

It was then that I heard someone greeting me. I turned around and saw an angel smiling at me. He must have been one of the two angels from the building on the right. We greeted each other. I had a feeling that he didn't know me, but he wasn't surprised by my appearance. He said politely, "Our world welcomes your arrival." I explained to him that I practiced Falun Gong in the human realm and had no idea how I came to be here. He gave me a knowing smile. I took a closer look at him and noticed that he was taller than the other angels and had a brighter halo and a larger pair of wings. His body was translucent, similar to white jade. He emitted a gentle light. He was wearing a white robe and gold accessories around his neck and waist. In one hand he held a short gold staff with carvings.

As he took me down the mountain the same way I came up, he showed me his world. I remember that he told me their king was King Morse or something that sounds like that. He also told me his name, but it is too difficult for me to remember now. He said their world had existed for a very long time. Six powerful angels, including himself, as well as other angels, accompanied their king. In their world there were many other heavenly paradises that lived in harmony with one another. Kings and angels from other heavenly paradises would often visit his world. The king of each world possessed a different type of divine power. King Morse was capable of generating the most sacred flowers in this world through his prayer. I think this might have been the manifestation of King Morse's enlightenment on the Fa of the universe. The angel remembered that his world was eternally beautiful and joyous, but one day the most sacred flowers stopped blossoming and sacred manifestations disappeared. Similar situations befell other heavenly paradises as well. After that, their king and other kings were no longer happy. When the angels asked about the changes in their paradise, King Morse explained it was because the world had lost its eternal stability.

From then on, King Morse often prayed alone, until one day he summoned all the angels and told them the news from his father. His father told him the heavenly paradises at higher levels had also lost their eternal stability and that the Great Creator of All would go down to the human world to re-stabilize all the worlds. King Morse said his father would follow the Great Creator of All to the world below to beg Him to re-stabilize his world. Many kings in King Morse's world had received similar hints to speak with the Creator. The kings gathered and discussed what to do. Finally they decided to select a group of messengers to go down and beg the Great Creator of All for a way to re-stabilize the worlds. King Morse was selected as one of the messengers.

When King Morse was leaving, all the angels in his heavenly paradise were in tears, kneeling and begging to follow him. King Morse warned them, "You must never follow me, for you are bound to be lost once you go down there. The Great Creator of All will surely re-stabilize our world and bring me back. You shall wait for me here." Next, King Morse and other selected kings came down to earth. Since then, the angels have missed their king, and all they can do is to pray and long for his return.

The angel told me the whereabouts of his king and other kings he knew. King Morse and another king initially went down to Russia, but now they are in Holland and Denmark respectively. He took me to the entrance of their heavenly paradise. It was a towering white gate reaching toward the sky. It was a very different gate from those in China. Standing there, I looked back at their world. A strange feeling registered in my mind again, although I couldn't quite put it into words. The angel seemed to have read my mind. He said, "You felt joy was missing from our world. Since our king left, no flower or plant here has ever been happy again." Then I read his thoughts, too: "I beg the Great Creator of All to have mercy on our king. Please make sure that he is not lost in the human world and bring him back." I felt the longing sadness and pain in his thoughts. I told him, "My Teacher is spreading the Law of the Universe in the human realm while saving the entire universe. My Teacher has compassion for all sentient beings and shall save all sentient beings, including your king. Besides, Falun Gong has spread to many places in the human world, including Russia, Holland, and Denmark. Do not worry and wait for his return."

I bid him farewell and left his world. As I was walking back, I recalled the Fa Teacher has imparted. Then a ray of light shot from the sky above my head. I looked up and saw the sky split open, revealing the heavenly paradises above. There were heavenly paradises at higher and higher levels, each bigger, more translucent, and brighter than the previous one. I saw the nearest paradise most clearly. I also saw several divine beings. (Their forms and clothing were very different from the angels I had met. I don't know how to describe them except to call them divine beings.) They were looking down at the human world. I saw expectation in their faces and longing in their eyes. I guess they must have been longing for the return of their kings or lords as well. Then the ray of light was retrieved and seared the sky. It was then that I returned to reality.

We are Falun Gong practitioners in the Fa-rectification period, shouldering a grand historical mission. There are huge groups of lives from heavenly bodies far away that have bestowed infinite hopes in us and are expecting our return. Is there any excuse for us not to do the three things well? Whether Falun Gong practitioners cultivate well or not will determine the salvation of those lives, the infinite number of sentient beings!

We have already learned that many people on earth are very important lords, kings, and divine beings of large heavenly bodies. They represent large groups of lives. However, some people have lost their true nature and are lost in the human world. We may all have asked Teacher repeatedly to wake us up if we should become lost in the secular world. As Falun Gong practitioners in the Fa-rectification period, we must not be content with studying the Fa and practicing Falun Gong exercises at home. Of course, we interact with the Fa directly by doing so, but we must also step forward to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. We must reach every area on earth where human beings reside in order to save those kings and lords that represent gigantic heavenly bodies!