(Clearwisdom.net) At noon on July 6, 2008, Wang Kunyuan from the Zunhua City National Security Team and 610 Office of Hebei Province led about a dozen officers from the Dongjiuzhai Township Police Station to search the home of Zhao Jingjun, a Falun Gong pracitioner in Qihu Village. That night, the police also searched the home of Mr. Liu Changyou and his wife, Ms. Wen Cuiying, for more than an hour. Then they took the couple to Zunhua City.

On July 7, 2008, the police searched the home of Wen Ruihua, who lives in Wenzhuang Village. Later, the police followed a list of dozens of people, which was provided by a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official in Zunhua City, and started a large-scale home-search sweep in Wenzhuang Village. If Dafa materials were found in a house, they arrested the owner, which made everyone feel insecure. At noon on July 10, 2008, ten people from the Zunhua Police Department, the Tangshan City Police Department, and the Yufenglou Residents Committee of Tangshan City went to search the home of 76-year-old Ms. Li Chunhua, who comes from Wenzhuang Village. They confiscated a lot of personal property and detained this older person in the Zunhua Detention Center.

Ms. Li Chunhua is a former general manager of the Xiari Science and Trade Group of Tangshan City. When she was in charge, she was incorruptible. Under her management, the company developed from a former Tangshan City post office, which was hundreds of thousands of yuan in debt, into an enterprise worth tens of millions of yuan. She was given many awards by the CCP and created wealth for the society. But Ms. Li's health worsened. Her arms and legs often felt numb and she had high blood pressure. She had to wear back and neck supports to work. At that time, according to the specialist's diagnosis, her condition would become critical if her health declined.

In 1997, Ms. Li was lucky to find out about Falun Dafa. After learning the practice, she led a totally different life. She has not taken medicine for the past eleven years. Because she benefited from Dafa, she brought copies of the book Zhuan Falun to her hometown, Wenzhuang Village, and gave them out to villagers after she retired. After practicing Falun Dafa, many Wenzhuang villagers benefited from the practice. Before 1999, the number of practitioners in the village continually increased. After April 25, 1999, the CCP officials in Zunhua City did a comprehensive investigation of Falun Gong. Their conclusion was that Falun Gong benefits the nation and its citizens and does no harm.

Two months later, after the persecution began on July 20, 1999, the CCP officials in Zunhua City and the Tangshan City 610 Office detained Ms. Li in the Tangshan First Detention Center. Because they didn't find any solid evidence with which to charge her, she was released before the 2000 Chinese New Year. At that time, the Tangshan CCTV station made an interview video about Ms. Li Chunhua and broadcast it. The program completely distorted the facts, and she was very angry about it. The station cut all footage of her saying she benefited from practicing Falun Dafa.

The CCP has brutally suppressed Falun Gong for almost nine years. However, Falun Gong has not disappeared, but is still rooted in practitioners' and people's hearts.