(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher has spoken many times in his Fa teachings on not acknowledging the old forces or their arrangements. For a long time, I have not comprehended this well. I would like to share my understanding on this topic with fellow practitioners for our mutual advancement. Please point out anything inappropriate.

Teacher mentioned that our cultivation path, including the tribulations we encounter have been prearranged--no one can change them. My understanding is that as long as we do everything required by the Fa, then the old forces' arrangements will be altered. Actually, the old forces' arrangements were made based on our attachments; the more we are attached, the bigger our tribulations will be. This is the reasoning of the "mutual generation and mutual inhibition" law of the old universe. Whenever we encounter a tribulation, we should look within first to get rid of our attachments. The sooner and more we eliminate our attachments, the better. The tribulation will also be correspondingly smaller and less. Then, Teacher will be able to change the arranged tribulation. This is how we negate the old forces and their arrangements and walk on the path arranged by Teacher.

The old force's arrangements interfere with Teacher's Fa-Rectification, so disintegrating the old forces has become a Fa requirement. Not acknowledging the old forces is Teacher's compassionate way of saving them. The tribulation of disintegrating the old forces was not arranged as part of our cultivation--Teacher did not make such an arrangement, which has nothing to do with us. The old force's display of madness during disintegration is shown on the surface level. And if we, as cultivators, think of it as something "certain", it'd be the same as acknowledging it. Having such a thought could cause problems and worsen our tribulation at the same time. After all, if it was for the purpose of getting rid of our attachments, it wouldn't be necessary.

Today, I awoke to another level of understanding - our attachments don't really belong to our true self. We cultivate to differentiate and eliminate those notions and attachments that aren't us. As Falun Dafa practitioners, the awakened part of us naturally knows the difference like when a small piece of wood is dropped into a steel melting pot, it would disappear immediately right before our eyes. The old forces' tribulations are arranged for us to eliminate - yet it is only focused on personal cultivation. Many of us may have been wondering why it is difficult to eliminate our attachments and why it takes so long. Of course it is difficult because we considered the attachment as part of us. If we could really understand that the attachments is not part of our true self, the part where attachment resides would have been long been eliminated. So how could it be possible to have such and such tribulations?

Furthermore, many of our attachments were arranged by the old forces in the long process of reincarnation. In other words, they were forced upon us. When we can differentiate, that tribulation will be taken by the old forces themselves--it has nothing to do with us. Of course, if we could really solve the problem like I said, we would understand the Fa well and do the three things well as required by Teacher.

I have not cultivated well. I have done things that are unworthy of Dafa and wrote many bad things while detained and under pressure. I have also made some solemn declarations to nullify these acts. Yet the evil continues to interfere with me, making me bewildered. Why is this so? Now, I've finally realized it is because I have had an attachment of hating the evil. As a result, I have been persecuted because of my hatred. The old forces wanted me to transfer my hatred toward Dafa and Teacher.

I would like to bring this up to fellow practitioners who have the same experience. If you have no hatred, then the evil would not dare to cause you to have strong negative thoughts toward Dafa and Teacher--the law of the old universe doesn't permit it either.

After reading a fellow practitioner's article about clearly and systematically not acknowledging the old forces, I was inspired and thus decided to write this article so we can improve and advance together. Furthermore, we can do the three things better.

June 18, 2008