(Clearwisdom.net) I worked in an IT company last year, that had a van to transport its staff to and from work. The van had seventeen seats. Often it was full and sometimes one or two seats had to be added to carry additional people.

Sometimes I would clarify the truth to people in the van during the half-hour trip. I just chatted with them. Sometimes I talked more, sometimes less. Two of my colleagues, though not practitioners, knew a lot of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) evil doings, and we often commented on current affairs and achieved good results, though our discussions were not systematic. The driver once said, "I have learned a lot from you." One day I didn't talk, and a female colleague said she was looking forward to our discussions.

One week before I resigned, I decided to clarify the truth systematically to my colleagues. It was on a Monday morning. I intentionally got into the van as the last person, and there were no empty seats left for me. So I had to sit on the small stool in the middle. I calmed myself a bit after I sat down, then I turned back and said in a loud voice, "I want to discuss the true Chinese history this time with everyone." Instantly, loud applause broke out. The driver turned off the music, and my worries and anxieties disappeared all of a sudden. I knew that sentient beings were waiting for the truth. So I started my talk.

During that last week I spoke for half an hour each on the way to and from work almost every day. Only one day did I not talk. The next day as soon as I got in the van, one colleague said, "Why didn't you talk about Chinese history yesterday? I felt uncomfortable and didn't sleep well last night. Please hurry up and talk!"

Because I had plenty of time and also had much to tell, I prepared everything well ahead of time. I keyed the main points into my mobile phone, and from time to time I referred to it while I was talking.

When I was talking about the organ harvesting, one colleague interrupted and said that the famous actor Fu Biao damaged his liver due to alcohol use. He had a liver transplanted quickly but nobody knew where the liver came from.

When I talked about quitting the CCP to save their lives, I told them that people were cursing the CCP, and that if they were still members and didn't quit, it could have a negative impact on their futures.

After clarifying the truth for several days, everyone realized the evilness of the CCP. Some raised questions such as "Chinese society, after all, developed under the CCP's leadership and without the CCP, what would happen to China?" I related the situation in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the overseas Chinese in the US, and in the southeast countries, especially the situation in the IT industry (because the company was an IT company, and everyone was familiar with the things in that industry) to show that Chinese people are very capable. I told them that if there was no CCP, China would become better.

On the last day I gave out DVDs which included the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Traveling between Heaven and Earth, etc. People behind me stretched their arms to get them. When I got off the van on the final Friday, I felt so light hearted and felt that lots of evil had been cleared out of my personal dimensions.

One important point I would like to make here is that we have to break through the psychological obstacle of being afraid to clarify the truth in front of many people. This time I clarified the truth to seventeen people all at once and achieved better results than when I clarified the truth one by one. You may worry about this and that before you start, but once you start, you will find that the worry was unnecessary.