(Clearwisdom.net) It has been nearly one week since Eutelsat stopped broadcasting NTDTV's program due to "technical difficulties." This is no coincidence. We should all look inward and see what attachments of ours led to this outcome. It is near the end of Fa-rectification, yet such things are still happening. This indicates that we have huge omissions that have been taken advantage of by the old forces.

Although cooperation with Eutelsat has not always been smooth, Eutelsat has played an important role in the process of Fa rectification. I think we may have overlooked this point. When I watched the (Chinese) video "We Will Show You the Future," I felt that we only stressed how well we did when Eutelsat restored NTDTV's broadcasts in 2005, and it showed our zealotry. We did not sufficiently recognize Eutelsat's awakening and contribution. In fact, Eutelsat chose correctly on this matter.

Everyday we talk about truth clarification and saving sentient beings. If even beings such as Eutelsat, who once played a positive role, cannot be saved, we will have a lot of regret. We have not paid full attention to truth clarification to Eutelsat. When we last negotiated with Eutelsat to resume broadcasting NTDTV's programs, they did not completely learn the facts about us. We did not make up for this shortcoming in the last few years. Thus, the evil was able to take advantage of this gap.

In the last few years, NTDTV has done a great job clarifying the facts to Mainland China. Many sentient beings have been able to see the Chinese Communist Party's evil nature. Since installing the NTDTV receiver at my house, I found that my family members quickly changed their view of the CCP. This can be partially attributed to practitioners working for NTDTV, partially to Eutelsat, and partially to the practitioners promoting NTDTV in Mainland China.

But I also found that after installing NTDTV, sometimes the practitioners became less diligent about truth clarification. Are we Mainland practitioners too dependent on NTDTV? Have the practitioners promoting NTDTV kept in mind that saving sentient beings is the highest priority? Have we all tried our best to promote it? It took two weeks to install the NTDTV receiver at my house. I wanted to learn how to install it, but the practitioner who knew how to do it was not very keen on helping me. It made me feel that he was trying to keep the technology away from me. Even today, I haven't learned how to install the receiver. Of course I should look inside when this problem occurred. However, there also seems to be a gap in us as a group. I hope that everyone can look inward on this issue.

As practitioners from Mainland China, we are very grateful to practitioners working at NTDTV. Even with a shortage of funding, manpower, equipment, and other resources, they have been able to make NTDTV a success. What they are doing is quite difficult and they have gone through a lot. However, there is still room to improve. Occasionally the lighting is too bright, and sometimes the news is 3 days old. These are problems that we hope can be resolved.

Let's look at the Eutelsat issue with compassion, eliminate human attachments, and help Eutelsat understand the facts from the perspective of saving sentient beings. If we can do that, the evil will naturally be eliminated.

These are just my personal understandings. Please point out anything incorrect.