(Clearwisdom.net) All our friends and families were very happy and congratulated us when our son was born in 1988. As the mother, I was of course very happy and took good care of the child. This child was sick all the time. He has been hospitalized many times since he was seventeen days old, and we visited the hospital often.

One night when he was only three years old, he developed a very high fever at night. My husband and I took him to the hospital. I was sitting on a chair in the hospital corridor taking his temperature, when his eyes suddenly rolled back into his head. He stopped breathing, his face turning black and purple. I screamed for the doctor. He told us to take him to the emergency room.

My son was diagnosed with epilepsy. I felt a knife piercing my heart. My son's seizure condition got worse as I could only cry. They only affected his face and neck at first. Later, his hands and arms were also affected and the medication did not help. All our friends and family members were so worried and asked how they could help us. Many famous experts examined my son with the same results: he had epilepsy. They sent us home with lots of medicines.

Among the medicines prescribed for my son were sedatives that left him listless and weak all the time. Still his condition did not improve and I watched him helplessly. I began to think death would be easier. Once I was riding my bicycle carrying my son in the back. As we were crossing the street, I intentionally did not look back. I thought it would be just fine if a car hit us and killed us both. I heard screeching brakes behind me and the driver scolded us. My son said, "Mom, he is scolding us." I dared not turn around, but tears were streaming down my face.

My son started first grade in 1995. His teacher always complained, "What is wrong with your child? He shows no interest in anything. He puts his head on the table and won't lift it up." I was afraid to tell her the truth. She might discriminate against him. I did not want his classmates to bully him. I swallowed my tears.

My son and I both caught colds with bad coughs during the winter of 1995. I picked up my son from school every day and took him to the hospital. We both got shots. We were still coughing badly 20 days later. I went to the hospital to find my cousin on February 10, 1996. She was already practicing Falun Gong by then. She was happy to see us. She said, "Come to my place tonight to learn the practice."

After dinner we went to my cousin's workplace to a practice site. I was stunned by the kindness of all the practitioners. They let my son and I sit in the front row to watch Teacher's lecture videos. I felt as if a lost child had found her parents when I saw Teacher. I was happy, excited, bitter and I felt hurt all at the same time. My tears just kept coming.

That day, Teacher was talking about curing illness. I remembered Teacher's every word in my heart. I thought, "Such a good practice, how come I just found out about it?" I looked at my son. He was concentrating on the lecture and he didn't even move. Neither of us coughed all evening. On the way home, we all felt light, as if we were floating in the air, on the way home. We felt so comfortable.

It was close to Chinese New Year, but we kept going every day. The assistant extended the lecture series two extra days just for us. We learned all five exercises. I said to my son, "We are practitioners now. Let's not take that useless medicine anymore. Let's get rid of it." My son happily threw them all in the trash. He was also relieved.

Since my son started began practicing Falun Dafa, the wonders of the Fa have manifested in him. On the second day of practice, Teacher cleansed his body. He stopped coughing. His epilepsy tremors disappeared from his body. His celestial eye opened and he could see Teacher while doing the exercises. He really liked to do the exercises. After finishing his homework, he would do the exercises. I could only do the sitting meditation for about half an hour, while he was sitting for an hour, sometimes up to 100 minutes. He would just take his legs down and walk normally, right away after he finished. He also became more lively and lovable. He follows Teacher's words to "not fight back when being punched or insulted" ("Transformation of Karma," Lecture 4, Zhuan Falun). As a result, all his teachers and classmates like him. His grades are always tops at school. My home was full of happiness and laughter. I was so grateful to Teacher. I never thought our days could be that way. Almost everyone in my extended family started practicing Falun Dafa, seeing the truth.

My son passed his high school exam in 2004 with high marks. He was admitted to a very good high school and last year to a famous university. He is talented in many areas. He is about 6 feet tall and very handsome. He has the righteousness, compassion and confidence of a Dafa practitioner inside and out.

When I hear people talk about the sufferings of children with epilepsy or brain problems and their families, I realize, "If my son did not practice Falun Dafa, he would be like that, too."