(Clearwisdom.net) Recently a tribulation befell my family and I overcame it using righteous thoughts while under Teacher's protection. I would like to share with fellow practitioners the story and inspiration that I drew from my experience.

It happened a few days ago when my wife asked me to have our son get a hepatitis vaccine. She suggested that we have our son take a hepatitis blood test first since he had been vaccinated when he was a baby. If he had the Hepatitis B surface antibody, then he wouldn't need a vaccination. I didn't give it much thought and I took him to have a blood test. It turned out he had been infected with the Hepatitis B virus. My wife was very worried and I reacted like an ordinary parent would at first but I quickly realized that I shouldn't have. I realized that I should respond to the situation with righteous thoughts because this could be an illusion created by the evil in other dimensions. Also, this might have been a form of persecution towards my son, but I must not acknowledge it either way. I started sending forth righteous thoughts and asked for Teacher to help me from my heart.

Meanwhile, I searched inward to identify the possible root cause. I should explain first that my father has Hepatitis B and my son visits him frequently so he has had a lot of physical contact. For many years, I didn't spend much time teaching my son to study the Fa or practice the exercises. I occasionally taught my son to memorize poems from Hong Yin and had him remember that Falun Gong is good. I realized that I had failed in my responsibility to my son and I immediately started to rectify myself.

That night I read Zhuan Falun to my son and played the music of "Pudu" for him before he went to bed. I also asked Teacher for help and spent more time sending forth righteous thoughts. During this period of time, human notions and bad thoughts kept pouring into my mind and shaking my righteous thoughts. I refused to acknowledge them and instead, I drove out these bad thoughts.

On the afternoon of the next day, I sent forth righteous thoughts from 1:55 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. At first, the sky was cloudy and dark but later, the sun came out from behind the clouds. I knew it was a sign that the tribulation had ended. Sure enough, the blood test on the third day showed that my son was Hepatitis free and he didn't need any vaccine because he had the antibody. My wife wondered if the hospital made a mistake on the first blood test. I explained to her that it was Teacher who protected our son and that our son would not have been spared if Teacher had not endured it for him. She accepted my explanation. In the past, she always intervened when I taught our son to study the Fa. Now, she has given me her blessing to have my son study the Fa with me.

Since this tribulation, I have learned that we must persevere in our faith in Teacher and the Fa. The Fa shall manifest its power equal to our righteous thoughts and I must search inward when I encounter a problem. I should add that all Falun Gong practitioners' children have come for the Fa. We must educate them well, have them study the Fa, and practice the five exercises well. We must not stop them from acquiring the Fa simply because we are not being responsible and we might find it too late for regret. We must be diligent and do the three things well or we will not be deserving of Teacher's compassion and salvation.

I wrote this sharing for the purpose of exchanging cultivation insights with fellow practitioners. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate in my understandings.