Last year, the government unit I work for implemented a wage reform and planned to give everyone a pay raise. The HR staff went to a meeting and told me that, because I was penalized before for practicing Falun Dafa and my pay raise was reduced one level, this time I could expect the same treatment. I was prepared and immediately realized that this was financial persecution. I needed to completely negate it and reject it firmly. I said to the HR staff: "This is a further example of persecution. The decision to reduce my pay was made without my knowledge or consent. This time, I should get the full pay raise. Several years ago, when they handed me the notice to penalize me, I threw it in the waste bin. I went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Dafa, which complies with our country's rules and regulations for appealing. Our country's constitutional law allows freedom of belief. We didn't do anything wrong or violate the constitution. I don't accept this decision. Please explain my situation to the pertinent officials."

Every day I respectfully asked for Teacher's help and said: "I completely negate the old forces' arrangements and persecution. We practitioners don't care about fame and material interests. I will not let the old forces use the wage reform to persecute me financially, even if I still have attachments, gaps or things that I haven't yet enlighten to."

We were asked to fill out various forms. Each time there were strict requirements. Completed forms were reviewed, and each person had to sign each form. When I filled out the last form, I noticed that the political status column was pre-marked "CCP." I went to the HR office and informed the clerk that I had told the department head a long time ago that I had withdrawn from the CCP and that I hadn't paid the Party dues for over two years. Since I'm not a CCP member, I asked the clerk to delete the CCP notation from my form and reprint it. The clerk said that he could not do that since the department head had already reviewed it and that nobody could change anything. Just then, another staff member in the office said seriously, "You don't want to get a raise? If you don't want to sign the form, let's put it on hold for now." He was hinting that they wouldn't handle it if I didn't sign it. I joked with him, "Did anybody say that non-CCP members will not get a pay raise? I don't think you want to withhold my raise, right?" He immediately waved his hand and said with embarrassment, "No, no."

After I walked out of the office, I was a little afraid. I wavered and wanted to give in. I thought to myself, "I already withdrew from the CCP and stopped paying the Party dues. Maybe I shouldn't insist on deleting the CCP notation since I didn't write it. Maybe I should get the pay raise first. We're talking about several hundred yuan here. Maybe I shouldn't ask for trouble at this crucial moment. What if I don't get what I requested?" I realized that I was thinking along the lines of CCP culture. The more I thought about it, the worse I felt--fear, confusion, pressure, and selfishness. But no matter how uncomfortable and uncertain I felt, I was determined in my mind to do well on this test.

With this righteous thought, I asked for Teacher's help. I sent forth righteous thoughts more frequently, studied the Fa, and shared my thoughts with other practitioners. I told my fellow practitioners about my real thoughts about misconception, fear of losing the pay raise, trying to protect myself, and shrewdness. The practitioners patiently worked with me to overcome the bad thoughts and break through the selfishness. I reminded myself to always maintain righteous thoughts and look within. Whenever a bad thought cropped up, I told myself, "This is not me. This is caused by misconceptions, karma, and attachments. I need to get rid of this. I don't want it."

As I studied the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts, and communicated with fellow practitioners, my xinxing improved. I went to talk to the department head. First, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil beings and factors behind him. He didn't criticize me or yell at me, but he begged me to change my mind. I was not moved and said firmly, "I will follow your advice on work-related matters and other things, but on this, I will not change my mind." He didn't insist and told me his thoughts with good intentions. Afterwards, I crossed out the CCP notations on all the forms, signed my name, and turned the forms in.

I continued to send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the bad thoughts, fear, and worries in my mind. I took the initiative to talk to the officials in charge about my request. I also gave them evidence why I should get a full raise. I let go of my attachments. When the wage reform ended several months later, I had the highest pay with the adjustment.

I did heshi in front of Teacher's picture to thank him. I negated the old forces' arrangements and validated Dafa again. I have one understanding: Whenever situations we encounter seem difficult, if we have enough righteous thoughts, nothing is difficult. In fact, practitioners should not run into difficulties. When we feel that we can't overcome certain difficulties, it's because our xinxing is not well developed. The difficulties are in our minds. The Fa can do everything. Everything is done with Teacher's help.

I wrote this article to share my experience with fellow practitioners. If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out. Thank you!