(Clearwisdom.net) I often meet fellow practitioners who do not keep their word or are not punctual in doing things. For example, they do not come on time to an appointment; do not show up after promising to help fellow practitioners, which causes fellow practitioners to waste time while waiting; they promise to immediately return things they have borrowed from fellow practitioners but never return them. Some practitioners promise to do things but postpone it again and again, which holds up much precious time of other fellow practitioners and even harms these fellow practitioners. The reason for this matter is that the practitioners do not regard this as something that should be eliminated through cultivation.

On the one hand, Dafa is serious. If one has agreed to do something, it is a promise in other dimensions. If one does not fulfill it, it means breaking one's promise, which is a loophole that the old forces can easily exploit. On the other hand, we cultivate "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." We should follow the principle of "Truthfulness" in the corresponding dimensions and not make false statements; follow the principle of "Compassion" and always think of others and consider overall situations; follow the principle of "Forbearance" and eliminate the attachment to selfishness.

By pointing out this matter here, I hope that fellow practitioners will pay attention it, in case they may not have realized or have not paid much attention to this matter, and to get rid of it quickly. Let's validate Dafa with the style of genuine practitioners, with no attachments and no loopholes.

May 8, 2008