(Clearwisdom.net) There are three people in my family and all of us are Dafa disciples. Creating a pure cultivation environment is the foundation for clarifying the facts and offering salvation to sentient beings. When the wicked Party started to persecute Dafa in 1999, my child Xuanxuan had just been born. My wife and I went out to validate Dafa. Due to this persecution, we lost our jobs and our home and I was illegally detained at a forced labor camp. When Xuanxuan was a little more than two years old, my wife had to take her and live away from home. Despite this, Dafa is in our hearts and my wife never forgot to teach Xuanxuan, the little Dafa disciple, to study the Fa. When Xuanxuan was about 4 years old, she read Zhuan Falun together with adults. My wife had to raise our daughter alone, while trying to help me and get me released, and giving solace to my family, who did not practice Dafa. It was really difficult for her to do all these things.

At the end of 2005, I was released from that terrible labor camp. At that time, they tried to force me to fill out some release forms and I thought, "How can I possibly do that?" I told the staff earnestly, "If you want me to renounce Dafa and admit to the persecution, I will not do that." The wicked people could not persecute me directly, so they caused trouble for me when I was looking for a job or in other economic aspects. Therefore, we went back to our hometown and Xuanxuan had to transfer to a new school that was not as good as the previous one. However, we thought we did the right thing as there were not so many Dafa disciples in my hometown and many people did not know the facts. We brought the beauty of Dafa to them.

We took the right path and my wife and I were able to find good jobs. We were gradually able to support ourselves and we took advantage of each opportunity during work and everyday life to clarify the facts about Dafa. We produced CDs, printed information materials, wrote truth-clarification messages on bills, printed the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, distributed them to relatives and other people, and helped them to withdrawal from the Party. After we had visited our former classmates and our teachers, we sent them the Nine Commentaries. We also invited our colleagues and friends to visit and played the DVD regarding the facts to them and thus helped them to learn the truth.

Our arrival caused the wicked people to be afraid but they did not dare to get in touch with us directly. They told the manager in my wife's company or personnel from the residential district committee to watch us. We knew what they did. My wife worked hard and never complained about any hardship, so the manager told my wife that we were being watched and asked us to be careful. My wife and I understood that the wicked people were just putting on a deceptive show of strength. It was a test for us and as long as we could let go of our attachments and be firm in our belief in the Fa, all these trouble would disappear.

Xuanxuan knew that she was a little Dafa disciple and she refused to wear the "blood-red scarf." When they were raising the "blood-red flag" at school, she would send out righteous thoughts so that the flag would not be raised or would drop. She sometimes told us excitedly, "Today I sent out righteous thoughts and made the flag drop." We were very happy to hear that. When the wicked people pressured Xuanxuan's teacher to ask her to put on the scarf, Xuanxuan would send out righteous thoughts and thus they did not succeed and the teacher did not even go near her. But one time, Xuanxuan's teacher forced her to wear the scarf. He even took a red scarf and put it around her neck. Xuanxuan was sad and told us about this incident when she returned home. We calmly and carefully searched inside and found that we were too relaxed in studying the Fa. As adults, we had not studied the Fa diligently and thus the effect was not very good because we experienced too much interruption from work and family. Xuanxuan had lots of homework to do and we did not want to make her life too difficult so we allowed her not to study the Fa for several days. That resulted in this incident and we decided that we would study the Fa together in our family. We read the Fa together for at least half an hour every day and made sure, no matter how busy Xuanxuan was, that she studied the Fa. Besides, we believed that this persecution affected everyone in our family and we could not just let Xuanxuan face it alone. We visited the principal and the teacher in charge of Xuanxuan's class and told them that they could not force Xuanxuan to put on the red scarf. The principal said, "If she is not a member, then it is not necessary for her to wear it." From then on, the teacher never again cared about whether Xuanxuan wore the scarf.

At present, our family's cultivation environment is good. Each morning, we do the exercises, study the Fa, and firmly step forward on our cultivation way. Our child studies very well and we have advanced in our jobs. Our colleagues respect our belief and we get along well with each other. Our relatives praise us for being so good to the older generation, to sisters and brothers, and to children. We live a happy life (of course, we are in a state of cultivators). Other non-practitioners think that our family is really nice and admirable. Even though we have gone through persecution, we still live happily. They couldn't help asking why we are like that and we told them, "The beauty of 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance' brings happiness to our family."

April 13, 2008