(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Chen An'ai, 58 years old, lives in Juancheng County. She was sentenced to three years of forced labor in 2004, leaving her 13-year-old daughter, Chen Shumei, at home alone.

Since the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999, Ms. Chen has been continuously mistreated. In 2000, police officers Nan Jianli (male) and Xu Guangchuan (male) tortured Ms. Chen. She was hung up in the air by handcuffs locked behind her back, and she was punched and kicked and not allowed to sleep nor eat. She has suffered all kinds of torture. The aim was to force her to give up her faith.

After she was released, Chen Baodong (male), the director of the National Security Division, went to Ms. Chen An'ai's home to arrest her many times after he received reports, but failed. Chen Baodong went to various places in an attempt to scare and lure Falun Gong practitioners by promising them profit and saying that "anyone will get a big bonus if they report Chen An'ai."

In 2003, Ms. Chen's mother, who is 88 years old, went to the hospital severely ill. Chen Baodong commanded police officers to post sentry. She was very scared by the police officers. She suffered a mental collapse and soon passed away. After she died, Chen Baodong went to the mourning hall to arrest Ms. Chen An'ai but failed. The officers deliberately made things difficult and intimidated her family members.

Later, Ms. Chen An'ai was arrested. On November 3, 2004, Fan Guanjun (male), the chief of the Yuncheng County Police Department 610 Office, beat Ms. Chen brutally many times at the Zhangji Township Police Station. He also ordered a police officer at the station, Zhou Jian (male), and others to surround and beat Ms. Chen. Hu Hongzhai (male), a police officer at the Zhangji Township Station said, "Who beat you? No one will be a witness for you. You can try to sue us. You deserve to be beaten to death." Hu, Fan, Zhou, and ten other police officers continued to beat Ms. Chen until she lost consciousness.

Hu Hongzhai, Fan Guanjun, Zhou Jian, Sun Shidong (male, the deputy chief of the 610 Office of the Yuncheng County Police Department) and ten other police officers tortured Ms. Chen continuously by handcuffing and beating her, not allowing her to sleep, and trying to extort information through torture. The torture lasted 14 days. Later, Ms. Chen was taken to the Yuncheng County Detention Center. At the detention center, she was brutally beaten by guard Xiao Guangde (male) and prisoners who ordered to do so by the guards. At the Yuncheng County Detention Center, she was detained for 41 days.

On December 28, 2004, officers Fan Guanjun, Sun Shidong and Wang (gender and given name unknown) planned to take Ms. Chen to a labor camp by force. Ms. Chen firmly refused to go and cried out "Falun Dafa is good!" She continued to disclose the brutal torture, so they beat her for three hours. Because Ms. Chen did not get into the car willingly, she was kicked by Fan and put into the car by force. On the way to the Wangcun Labor Camp, Ms. Chen was again beaten.

On December 28 and 29, 2004, and again on January 5, 2005, guard Sun Jie (male) from the Seventh Ward kicked and beat Ms. Chen. He also ordered some collaborators to beat her in turn. Cheng Zhai (female) beat Ms. Chen's hands with a folding stool, causing them to swell. She tortured Ms. Chen by cuffing her hands behind her back and suspending her in the air. The sides of Ms. Chen's calves were injured, and her face was beaten black and blue by Sun Jie.

Li Fushui (male), a guard from the Seventh Ward, took 260 yuan in cash from Ms. Chen.

April 13, 2008