(Clearwisdom.net) Studying the Fa well is the premise of being diligent. We cannot become diligent without studying the Fa well, but we may not necessarily become diligent if we study the Fa. To become diligent, we should use the Fa to truly guide our cultivation. This is the reason why some fellow practitioners thought reciting the Fa could make us be diligent, but actually there was no significant change. I feel that it was looking outward.

Some fellow practitioners think, "If I had some kind of condition or illness, I could then become diligent." For example, regarding participating in the morning broadcast of exercises at 3:50 a.m., some think, "If my family situation were the same as that of the other practitioners," or "If the time I have to go to work were the same as that of the other practitioners, I could then participate." Aren't they all looking outward? We want to be diligent, and we know that it is right to be diligent. However, when we are truly about to upgrade ourselves, we feel that either this or that situation is not good. We are utilizing the living form of ordinary people to cultivate ourselves, and by doing so we are being limited by it.

In everyday life, we should pay attention to our every thought, every word and every deed, and use Dafa to rectify ourselves. We should not find excuses to refuse to upgrade ourselves, especially when we know that it isn't right.

As for my own experience, I am very strict with myself and demand of myself that I let go of my attachments. Every time I am upgraded and reach a new level, I am full of confidence and courage. I feel more and more part of the immense Fa, and then I demand even more of myself. Every time my hearted is moved, I use my rational thinking and control myself. I say to myself, "Good! Another opportunity comes for me to upgrade myself!"

The evil forces' ability to interfere with our cultivation and the factors arranged by the old forces, which have been affecting our cultivation, are becoming weaker. Practitioners who are not diligent still have not denied the old forces' arrangements. Master tells us to study the Fa well, use the Fa to guide every aspect of our cultivation and do what we need to do to become enlightened in the Fa, so we can save sentient beings more effectively, and play the roles that we should play during the Fa-rectification period.