(Clearwisdom.net) I work at a foreign capital enterprise in China. Through my work, I have come across many predestined people. After I clarified the truth to them, many of them benefited from it. The following are several such cases. I hope everyone will come to know the principle that kindness will meet kindness and evil will meet evil. For safety reasons, I have omitted personal information from the following accounts.

High-level Sales Manager

During our first conversation I told a high-level sales manager about the importance of withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers. She understood and withdrew from the Party. While talking with her second time, I told her that I practiced Falun Gong and also clarified the truth to her. She completely understood me. Soon after, she was promoted to deputy general manager. People all felt that this was unusual as she had only been at the company for less than six months.


This salesperson had worked in the company for many years. Although she had done an excellent job, she had always just been a regular salesperson. During our conversation, I learned that she believed in Buddhism. I told her the truth about Dafa and the news about withdrawing from the CCP. She believed that Dafa was very good. She did not withdraw from the CCP, although she was not against it either.

Soon after this she was assigned to work abroad. After she went abroad, she still cared about the situation of Falun Gong in China, and she also learned more of the truth about Dafa.

One year later, she was promoted two levels and became a high-level sales manager. She came back to China. When I mentioned the issue of withdrawing from the CCP, she agreed to withdraw. She also told me that if all the staff in the company were Falun Gong practitioners, it would be so much easier to manage because Dafa practitioners were very responsible, and they would certainly do a good job. Later she told me that she had been given a bonus unexpectedly and that she wanted to read Dafa books. I believe that it was because she had a sincerely positive attitude toward Dafa and supported Dafa, that she had this good fortune.

Staff Member

There was a staff member who was very young, and had some bad habits. After many conversations with her, I thought her problems could not be solved using ordinary human methods. On the contrary, it seemed she would only get worse. I realized that I should clarify the truth and tell her about withdrawing from the CCP. When I did, she shed tears and agreed with me. She also repeatedly thanked me.

Ever since she withdrew from the CCP, she has changed a great deal, and is also very supportive of Dafa. Soon after, she was promoted two levels and became a high-level manager. When she was about to leave, I once again told her more about Dafa and that she needed to follow the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" wherever she goes. With tears in her eyes, she said that she would certainly remember my words and would conduct herself according to the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance."

Older Female Employee

Deceived by the CCP's propaganda, one older employee did not know much truth about Dafa, but after many conversations, she came to understand. Later she was unexpectedly hired as a formal employee of the company, very unusual for someone her age. The other employees felt that she was very fortunate. I know that this is her good fortune for having righteous thoughts about Dafa.

Later I told her about withdrawing from the CCP. Before I went into detail, she said, "I know that all of what you told me is for my own good. Please help me to withdraw from the CCP." She chose a bright future for herself.

Older Male Employee

I often clarified the truth to an older employer at the company. He was very willing to listen and also read some Dafa books, but due to the harsh environment in China, he did not begin practicing Falun Gong. When I told him about withdrawing from the CCP, he and other bystanders asked me to help them to withdraw, and I happily did so.

Later by chance I did him a favor. Things went very smoothly. Others all thought that he was very fortunate. They know that it is because a Falun Gong practitioner helped him. Hence they also have a positive attitude towards Falun Gong.