(Clearwisdom.net) Beginning in early May last year, I began to realize that I should do something to help persecuted fellow practitioners. What came to mind was to send forth righteous thoughts from areas close to forced labor camps where fellow practitioners are being persecuted.

For the first time, I went to one of these locations with my child so as not to attract attention. I found a fish pond near the labor camp. A lot of people went fishing at the pond on holidays, so we sent forth righteous thoughts there. Looking at the evil compound full of vicious people, an area where I was once persecuted, I felt an awful pain in my heart because of the evil's brutality, because of people's ignorance, and because of my own going astray.

On the second day, my child and I went to the same place to send forth righteous thoughts. This time, I was more serene and peaceful, more conscious of the many fellow practitioners being persecuted, a lot more concentrated on strengthening the righteous thoughts of persecuted fellow practitioners inside the compound, eliminating the evil in other dimensions, and making sure that those evil beings beyond redemption get punished for what they did.

On the third day, we walked around the camp while sending forth righteous thoughts. We were delighted to see big Chinese characters "Falun Dafa Is Good" painted on the high walls. Apparently, there have been many fellow practitioners coming here to send forth righteous thoughts. The five big Chinese characters were shining in the sun, adding immeasurable strength.

We also went to the next prison not far away from this one to send forth righteous thoughts. I went there to send forth righteous thoughts for an hour every day. Later on, I went there once every weekend. I told a fellow practitioner how I felt about sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. Agreeing with what I had been doing, she joined me. So the two of us have been doing this for almost a year.

Although I can't see exciting scenes in other dimensions, I still believe sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to these forced labor camps can generate enough force to disintegrate the evil.

While sending forth righteous thoughts, I always feel that I am not by myself, but rather what I am doing is connecting with the energy field of all Dafa disciples. On the surface of this time space, the atmosphere is also changing--roads are repaired, public buses are functioning, the climate is not as bad as it could be, and people around us are more friendly.

After we were done sending forth righteous thoughts , sometimes we drop by the market to buy soft drinks and vegetables and clarify the truth to our neighborhood residents.

According to feedback from fellow practitioners, the persecution of practitioners in these two labor camps has slowed down quite a bit, and practitioners who have continued to send forth righteous thoughts have become more and more awakened.

Sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity has caused some unexpected changes in me. Early on, I treated it as a kind of responsibility for a Dafa practitioner. But later on I discovered that by sending forth righteous thoughts, problems I was unclear on became clear, especially my perspectives on issues of persecutors and victims, how to think of others before myself, and how to cooperate with others or the group as a whole.

My thoughts became clearer and more rational, my righteous thoughts turned purer, my energy became stronger, the attachment of fear and selfishness weakened. Many attachments gradually and unknowingly disappeared from me.

The other practitioner and I usually have some sharing before going out to send forth righteous thoughts to remove attachments, a good cultivation opportunity. Both of us feel that Teacher has been guarding us, accomplishing lots of things for us, as long as our hearts and our actions obey what Teacher wants. Besides, doing the three things is a requirement of Fa rectification period Dafa disciples.

This is my personal understanding on sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, which might be helpful in inspiring other practitioners. I know that some practitioners have been doing the same thing for quite some time.