(Clearwisdom.net) On February 9, 2008, Li Quanhua, the deputy director of the Changlinzi Labor Camp in Harbin City, went to Section One. Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Gao Ke, held in Section One, said hello and "Happy New Year" and told him kindly, " Quit the CCP to ensure your safety." Li got very angry and ordered someone to put Mr. Gao into a small cell (1).

Mr. Gao was held to the floor and handcuffed to an iron chair (2). Mr. Gao cried out, " Falun Dafa is good." The chief of Section One, Yang Jintang, ordered another prisoner to seal Mr. Gao's mouth. The prisoner then put a dirty wipe in his mouth and sealed Mr. Gao's mouth with a wide piece of tape. Yang ordered another prisoner to tie Mr. Gao to the iron chair and watch him closely. Mr. Gao was not allowed to use the bathroom and he had to urinate and defecate with his pants on. Mr. Gao was also not allowed to eat for two days.

On the fourth day, Mr. Gao's feet became extremely swollen. The iron hoop on the chair cut into his muscle. He felt so much pain that he cried for help. His ankle was tied with rope so tight it gave him a few big blisters. After he sat on the iron chair for ten whole days, his feet had swollen hugely. His feet were so swollen they had the shape of a square. His calf turned purple and only after all this was he was released from the iron chair. During this period, Yang said to Mr. Gao, "Once you say that you do not practice Falun Gong, I will immediately unlock you." Mr. Gao said firmly, "That's impossible."

Ten days in the iron chair almost caused Mr. Gao to become disabled. The photos attached were taken nine days after he was unlocked from the iron chair and released back home.

On February 6, 2008, Shi Yingbai, the director of the Changlinzi Labor Camp, and head director of the Daowai District, went to Section One to inspect the work. Mr. Gao reported how the head of Ward Five, Wang Kai, persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in front of the District Director . The deputy head of Section One, Ji Zhiwei (male) threatened him saying, " Are you exposing the persecution? You will be tortured. You wait and see."

(1) The detainee is locked up in a very small cell individually. The guards handcuff practitioners on their back in a fixed position, in which the practitioners can neither move nor lie down. The small cell is very damp and no sunshine comes in. Detainees have to urinate and defecate in the cell. Only half of a regular meal is served to detainees locked up in a small cell during the daytime. The stench in the small cell is so bad that it is difficult to breathe.

(2) The iron chair is made of iron pipes. Victims are restrained on the iron chairs with both arms and legs tied for a long period of time. See illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/1/9/17577.html.

March 24, 2008