(Clearwisdom.net) I live in a city in Mainland China. Today I would like to share with everyone some words that I have had in my mind for a long time. Although I do not practice Falun Gong, I would like everyone to know that Falun Gong truth-clarification materials are a treasure, and I suggest everyone should cherish them.

1. Truth materials clear the fog in my mind

When I first started to see these truth-clarification materials, I had some questions in my mind, especially after I saw the "self-immolation" incident reports on TV. I felt very grieved and confused. I thought now that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has decided on the nature of Falun Gong, why are Falun Gong practitioners still going to Tiananmen Square to burn themselves to protest? When I saw the little girl Liu Siying burned and wrapped up bandages and heard her innocent words, I looked at my grandson who was the same age as this girl and felt grieved. I felt this was so far away from the principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance (don't commit suicide and don't take life) that Falun Gong advocates. I didn't know that the whole thing was staged by Jiang's regime to deceive the Chinese people. Their purpose was to incite hatred of Falun Gong and change people's good impression that Falun Gong can help upgrade morality and improve health.

One day after work, I found a VCD in my mailbox. My family and I took it home and played it. We clearly saw in the analysis of CCTV footage of the incident that Ms Liu Chunling was hit from the back by a heavy object. She was murdered by the police! I also saw footage of Liu Siying and Wang Jindong that were contradictory and had many loopholes. We all became clear that the incident had been staged as a huge propaganda stunt. We felt unsettled and resented this. There were not many such VCDs at that time and we could not find more copies. My relatives and friends passed the VCD to each other, and we agreed that whoever received new VCDs or truth materials would share them with everyone else.

In this way, we shared with each other many truth materials and understood many principles. We also changed from not understanding Falun Gong practitioners to understanding and admiring practitioners. We feel that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people and have great courage and strong will and they really deserve our respect. On one occasion I saw an old lady who could not walk fast still climbing up and down stairs to distribute these materials. I not only felt touched and admiration, my first thought was that even such old lay could clarify the truth despite windy and rainy weather and had such strong confidence. It can show how commendable and remarkable this group is! The CCP persecutes Falun Gong and attacks kind people and destroys morality. The CCP is truly most evil. Falun Gong is still Falun Gong and they will not be destroyed or defamed to become bad. The persecution even brings out the light of truth of the principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance that Falun Gong advocates.

2. Cherish Falun Gong practitioners and cherish truth materials

I pay attention to various truth materials that are delivered to my home and also to the safety of these practitioners. I hope for them to be safe. What I can do is tell my neighbors that if they find truth materials, they should read them and not throw them away or listen to CCP propaganda against practitioners. It is the normal practice of the CCP to incite internal fighting while it acts as the judge. It will give you money for suppressing others today and tomorrow, when it doesn't need you or its direction changes, it will betray you. This is the so-called "party nature" and in the end the CCP boasts to be "great, glorious and correct." Those who have always followed the CCP's orders and cannot tell kindness from evil and are stuck in the so-called "party principle". People know that Falun Gong practitioners act for other people's benefits. It is not easy for practitioners to exhibit such compassionate behavior to save people from tribulations. Therefore, they cherish any truth material and love to read it and will not do those foolish things to report on Falun Gong practitioners.

I remember that for some period of time, I didn't receive any truth material. I received two copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, but they contained only the first 6 commentaries. At that time I felt that they were clearly and thoroughly written and exposed the CCP's true nature step by step. However I longed for the rest of the book and kept checking my mailbox, but the remaining 3 commentaries never showed up. It just felt like I had watched a good quality TV serial without seeing the end and I really felt anxious. If I could buy it, I would have paid a high price to read it as soon as possible. When I thought and longed for it, I sometimes could not help from complaining in my mind and wondered how these practitioners could test my patience this way?

Early one morning when I went out for outdoor activities, I saw someone who was at-ease picking up truth materials in our building. I went to get back the materials from him and said fiercely, "It is wrong for you to do this and it is not good and not honorable. They distributed truth materials to our door or mailbox, and the materials become our personal property. It is our right to deal with it. Without our agreement, how dare you take stuff from other people's door? What you are doing is not moral nor is it right! Also Falun Gong practitioners use their money and risk their life to produce these materials in order to save people and it has significant meaning! How can you take them away like this? For example, what will be the consequence if you take food away from a famine victim? What will happen to you if you arbitrarily pull out the oxygen tube from a patient who relies on oxygen for life? I am not trying to exaggerate the problem and I just want to make it clear to you the serious consequence that your action might bring to you because no matter what people have done, they have to be responsible for it. This is not an issue whether you believe it or not; it is a heavenly principle and an obvious truth."

At that time, my expression might have been anxious and also I felt upset for not being able to read truth materials for a long time. I scolded him but he understood what I said and nodded his head in agreement. He said he would not do such things any more in the future.

3. Truth material is invaluable

One of my relatives was deceived by the CCP propaganda over the past few years and destroyed or discarded the truth materials that Dafa practitioners gave to him several times. He hung an image of Mao in his car and said that it could help him "expel evil." I said to him, "what you are doing will not expel evil but will instead attract evil." Please think about it, the CCP has killed over 80 million Chinese people and owes a countless bloody debt. If you hang up its leader's image or its bloody flag, aren't you attracting evil? When he heard what I said, though he was touched, he still hung Mao's image until shortly after he was in a car accident. At that time he felt regretful that he didn't listen to my suggestion to do good things. When I visited him and told him that since you were not severely injured, you should take it as a warning and it was not late to do good from now on.

After a long time I saw him again. He cheerfully took out his "treasure chest" from his bedroom, which contained a pile of neatly stacked truth materials. I took a look and found "Minghui Weekly", booklets and some truth VCD. He quietly asked me "I see some words on the materials saying that if you destroy these materials, you will receive retribution. It sounds like a curse, what do you think?" I started to think how I could clearly explain the truth to him.

I looked at his car and explained to him according to my own understanding, "If we drive a car and pass and we see a sign saying "accidents often happen in this area, please drive carefully," do you think it is "cursing" us to have accident? On the contrary, it intends to remind and tell us to avoid an accident. That is to say those practitioners are kindly reminding us that we should cherish truth materials and cherish our chance to be saved. Aren't there too many cases of people who destroy truth materials and receive tribulations accordingly? It is indeed true. Let's take one step back. Even if you don't want to read it, though you miss one precious chance to be saved, you should not damage the materials. Don't you have another chance to pass the materials on to others to read? Many people are still longing for the materials! On this issue, it is up to you to choose the reward of kind virtue or the retribution of evil karma!"

Written on March 4, 2008