(Clearwisdom.net) Twelve years ago, my grandmother had the great opportunity to listen to recordings of Master's Fa Lectures. Although she knew that the Fa was good and wanted to listen, she was unable to really become a practitioner, because she didn't want to give up the worship of her "Great Spirit." (She said that she had followed the thing since she was born, but actually wasn't sure what it was. Perhaps it was even some kind of evil spirit). Although I was nervous for her and often gave her my advice, I was unable to change her mind. Only after something happened this past year was she able to step forward and truly begin to walk on the road of cultivation.

Last December my grandmother accidentally fell, cracking her right hip bone. Her doctor initially suggested that she should have surgery to prevent possible paralysis. Consulting other orthopedic doctors however, it was suggested that my grandmother should instead be hospitalized because of her heart and diabetes problems, with a fixed regimen of physical therapy to heal her hip. After talking with my father, we eventually decided to just take grandmother home for better care.

Seeing that no hospitalization was necessary and that we looked fairly relaxed, my grandmother believed that her condition was minor and she was temporarily relieved. But after getting home, she began to have unbearable pain, far worse than she had imagined. This old woman who had been firm and enduring her entire life was in tears, continually pounding her bedding and moaning in anguish. Seeing her in such pain, my grandfather, too, soon found himself in tears as he held grandmother's hand, wanting to help but unable to.

I advised grandfather to go rest. Then I started to silently read Master's Fa at grandmother's bedside. Within three minutes, she soundly fell asleep, and her tightly knit eyebrows soon loosened and relaxed. But as soon as I moved away from her, she woke up right away. Father told me, "Girl, sit and meditate by your grandmother's side, read the book, and send righteous thoughts." At first Grandpa objected to this, but after several repetitions, he was eventually convinced. He told me "Granddaughter, you'd better keep your grandma company."

For the first few days, the moment I would try to leave her side, she would grab my hand and hold on as firmly as if she'd found a lifeboat while drowning in the ocean. The doctor wanted her to have complete rest, but she tried to get up ten or more times a day. She would not let anyone help her up except for me, because she said that her pain only ceased when I supported her. When the doctor (a fellow practitioner) came to see her, telling her that she must have a solid belief in Dafa and always recite "Falun Dafa is good" in her mind, she said that she would definitely do it whenever possible. Moreover, from that point on the words that were often on her lips were, "I'm just fine, there's nothing wrong."

I said to Grandmother that things would have to be "cleaned up" at home. She replied, "As soon as I get back home (we were at my father's house), I'll get rid of all of those things--I swear that I'll practice Falun Dafa all the way 'til the end; I'll ask your grandpa to always read Dafa to me (she cannot read) before he goes about the rest of his business." I was so happy for them, from the depths of my heart.

Grandma almost always fell asleep the first time she listened to any of Master's recorded Fa Lectures. After the first day, she dreamed all night long. For the next few days, she would continuously wake from her dreams, crying and fussing, not knowing where she was. She might say that she was sitting right alongside the bed, speaking with her injured leg, or she might say that she couldn't breathe, or that she couldn't move. The most serious instance was once when she was crying and acting disturbed from around 3 or 4 a.m., until finally becoming conscious sometime after 8. When she came to, she had no idea what had been going on. I knew it was demonic interference. My dad said to her, "As long as you have solid belief in Dafa, you'll get over it. You have got to strengthen your righteous thoughts." Consequently, with the assistance of these righteous words, my grandmother finally made it through this test.

While listening to Master's Fa the second time around, she once again fell asleep. But I was reminded of something Master said:

"A few individuals may fall asleep and wake up as soon as I finish my lecture. Why is that? It is because their brains have illnesses that need to be treated. One will be unable to stand it if one's brain is worked on. Therefore, one must be put into a state of anesthesia or become unconscious." (Zhuan Falun, from Lecture Two, "The Issue of Pursuit")

I decided not to wake her up. When the recording came to the section where Master speaks about spirit or animal possession, my grandmother all of a sudden spoke out from the midst of her deep sleep, "Exactly the same as my situation." I was astonished and realized that she must have heard everything without missing a word. Upon finishing that Lecture, grandmother opened up her eyes and said, "I heard it all."

After that, my grandmother's condition became better and better. Whenever she would have difficulty when studying the Fa, she would open her eyes wide and then say with a smile, "So strange, I was wide awake when I first started listening, then it seemed like something hit me suddenly and was making me sleepy." I smiled and replied that it was the interference of thought karma, not wanting to let her obtain the Fa, and told her that she must clearly distinguish herself and firmly reject it, strengthening her righteous thoughts, in order to pass this test. She said, "Then I'll sit up when I listen to the Fa." From then on, Grandmother would insist on sitting up whenever she listened to the Fa, and she would bring up earnest questions for me to answer, every time.

By continuing her Fa study, Grandmother has made great improvement. Another effect of our strong righteous thoughts is that my grandfather has finally agreed to withdraw from the evil Chinese Communist Party. Grandfather was a veteran Party member from before the establishment of the current regime. For years I'd been advising him to withdraw, but he always rejected the idea. He never took calls from the "Quit the Party" service center, and neither did he read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Whenever someone said something against the Chinese Communist Party, he would get angry.

Through Grandmother's ordeal, Father again brought up the topic of withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party, and I put in a few words as well. Grandfather finally agreed. I was sure that it was all due to the righteous field within our family now disintegrating the evil CCP spirits in grandfather. Ever since the day when he said that "Falun Dafa is good," my heart has been filled with joy and happiness because he will finally be saved, rather than perishing along with the evil Party.

Grandmother has been recovering rapidly. Within less than 30 days she was able to sit up herself; within 40 days she was able to move around in a wheelchair. After a few days in the wheelchair, she was then able to get in and out of it without help. Within 60 days she was able to move around by holding onto the bed and could step normally again with her right leg. For a 79-year-old lady who had sustained such injuries, these results were miracles in and of themselves.

I want to sincerely thank Teacher and Dafa.