(Clearwisdom.net) Around February 25, 2008, police officers from all the district departments under the jurisdiction of the Jinzhou Municipal Police Department in Liaoning Province and the 610 Office illegally arrested many Falun Gong practitioners from Jinzhou City, ransacked their homes, and confiscated their property. Practitioners Ms. Liu Fengmei, Mr. Huang Cheng, Ms. Li Xiuyun, Ms. Pei Yufeng, and Ms. Guo Liguang were arrested once again and illegally imprisoned.

After Ms. Liu Fengmei started practicing Falun Gong, she changed for the better and became a good person, living according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. Before, she never cleaned her apartment. However, after she started practicing, until July 20, 1999 when the persecution began, she swept the stairs of her building from the first floor to the sixth floor every day. When it snowed, she shoveled the snow in front of the building of her own initiative for everyone's convenience.

At her workplace, when someone did not do the cleaning, her trainer would always ask her to do it, and she didn't pay any mind to whether she would be paid or not. Sometimes, when all the workers had left for the day, she earnestly worked overtime, and people would say to her, "Everybody has gotten off work--the section chief and the trainer have even left. This is not your work to do, so why do you still do it?" She would just smile in response.

Ms. Liu Fengmei's mother had a tumor in her central nervous system and could not move. Ms. Liu took her mother to Shenyang City and Beijing City to treat her disease. The doctors told her that surgery was not possible, so she had to give up her job and take care of her mother. She had to do all the work without rest on her own until her mother passed away. All the neighbors said that the girl was not raised in vain, the way she served her mother so purely was uncommon.

Ms. Liu Fengmei was illegally sentenced to forced labor for three years after she appealed for the right to practice Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. She suffered inhuman torture at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, which is known as a "living hell." She was locked up in a small cell, where she could neither squat nor stand, with her hands cuffed. She was not let out even when she needed to relieve herself, and she was locked up for two weeks each time. Once, five or six guards held her down on a bed, handcuffed her hands and feet to the bed, and shocked her neck, the soles of her feet, and other parts of her body with four or five electric batons at the same time. The places where she was shocked turned black and swollen, but the guards did not stop until they got tired. Another time in the winter, she was forced outside without warm clothing and was handcuffed to the basketball hoop. Her hands were bruised, her nose was bleeding, and her body was frozen numb. When the guards came to work, they found Ms. Liu half frozen and bleeding. Ms. Liu Fengmei is presently illegally imprisoned in Dalian City, and it is unknown whether she is still alive or not.

Mr. Huang Cheng has also been arrested by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents three times and detained in a forced labor camp twice. He was tortured at the Jinzhou Reformatory. He went through very vicious torture, such as having his eyes gouged, causing extreme pain and blurry vision. Other torture methods such as being forced to sit on a board for long periods of time and heavy forced labor are very common. Mr. Huang has now been taken into custody again and illegally imprisoned at the Jinzhou City Detention Center.

Ms. Li Xiuyun has also been arrested many times, once during the CCP 16th National Congress. Taking advantage of the fact that Ms. Li lived on the first floor of her building, the police pried open her window and carried her out of her room. She was taken to the local police station where she was beaten until she could not move, then thrown to the cold cement floor. Li Xiuyun is currently imprisoned in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Guo Liguang was forcibly taken from her home in 2003; the police dragged her out and one of her shoes fell off. One evening in August 2007, Ms. Guo Liguang was standing in front of the local police station when she was dragged inside. Afterwards, she walked out with righteous thoughts. From then on, the local police would come to her home to arrest her every other day. At midnight on March 26, 2008, seven or eight passenger vehicles and twenty to thirty police officers completely surrounded the 14th Building of the Women's Knitting Factory and forcibly arrested Falun Dafa practitioners Ms. Pei Yufeng, Ms. Guo Liguang, Mr. Ai Guangshun, and Ms. Hu Yuyuan. During the process, the officers pried the doors open with a crowbar, and the doors were badly damaged. The common workers in the factory said of the police, "Now we know what a bandit looks like."

Ms. Pei Yufeng ran a clothing store. She always helped people who were looking for a needle or thread or who wanted to have some small work done. Some customers were very particular about the clothes she made, but she always treated them with patience. She would make alterations wherever the customers asked for them, and she would take back the clothes if the customer changed his or her mind and did not want them. She never got angry. Sometimes, if the customer was short of two or three yuan, she would just forgive the customer. This good person is now illegally imprisoned. Ms. Pei is being persecuted simply because she believes in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.