(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening on April 7, 2008, many local Chinese gathered at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre to attend the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Chinese Spectacular. Afterwards, many prominent people in the Brisbane Chinese community shared their impressions of the show.

Chen Chun-long, Commissioner of the Taiwan Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, was impressed with the stage design, dances and songs in this year's show. He said, "The Chinese Spectacular can have a positive effect in purifying people's hearts."

Chen Chun-long, Commissioner of the Taiwan Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission

Ke Wen-yao, President of the Federation of Taiwanese Association, was impressed with the truth conveyed by the show. He said, "We need everyone to work together to eliminate evil so mankind can obtain true peace."

Ke Wen-yao, President of the Federation of Taiwanese Association

Benjamin Chen, Chairman of World News Weekly, was amazed by the purity and educational content in the show. "It amazed me to see the five thousand years of traditional Chinese culture in the show. I believe that it would be beneficial to promote this kind of performance."

Benjamin Chen, Chairman of World News Weekly.

"It's touching and impressive with such a bright background," said Mr. Tang from Guangzhou, "Many people in the younger generations do not understand traditional folk stories. My child's generation does not know stories such as 'Lady of the Moon,' and 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei.' The DPA's show can teach them such stories.

"It's a pity the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ruined thousands of years of Chinese culture and history. The younger generations never see their true history and culture. They are brainwashed. There is no freedom of speech in China. My words can only be spoken in a foreign country."

Mr. Fan, who works in a gas company, said that it wasn't easy to see traditional Chinese cultural performances outside of China. "I am so fortunate to see this performance in a western country. The dances and drum-beating were brilliant."

Mr. Fan enjoyed "Lady of the Moon" because the story was meaningful and reminded him of his childhood. He was impressed with the background projections. "With a little help from modern technology, it helps the audience better understand what the show tries to convey."

Ms. Hsu, from Taiwan, is in the food business. When she went back to Taiwan a while ago, she heard about how the DPA show was very popular in Taiwan and how professional the performance was. She bought tickets to the show as soon as she got back to Australia. After the performance, Ms. Hsu said that the dances were great and the costumes and background were beautiful. She stated, "The reputation is supported by the fact!"