(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts held its first show in South Korea, at the Grand Peace Palace at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, on February 22, 2008. According to the theater's website, the Grand Peace Palace is the largest performing arts venue in Asia. True to its name, the theater is equipped with the most advanced facilities. The interior, which is constructed of marble, emphasizes the aesthetic patterns of Serpeggiante and Botticino. The UFO lighting moves vertically and is designed to control the lighting intensity for the stage. The center stage rotates, and a horizontally moving stage and a vertically moving orchestra elevates to allow for a variety of stage performances.

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Fang Zhongqiang, Taiwan's deputy representative to South Korea, said that the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular was exciting and carries the essence of the Tang Dynasty

Fang Zhongqiang, Taiwan's deputy representative to South Korea from Taipei took his wife to the February 22 performance the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular. Fang Zhongqiang said, "This was the first time I watched the Chinese Spectacular. I was so excited the whole time, from the beginning, to the drumming at the end. The dances were so rich, with styles from the Tang Dynasty, and they are very much Chinese. There were a few Koreans sitting next to me, and they were savoring the show just as much as I. They loved the dance, 'Water Sleeves,' because it's different from Korean dance--it accurately reflects the femininity and grace of the Chinese lady, and the dancers were very highly skilled. They have drums in Korea too, and I have also seen Japanese drums, but most of them are performed by only one or at most seven people instead of so many as in the Spectacular. It was really energetic and exciting. I think it's very characteristic of Chinese culture."

He also said that illustrating legends and folklore through artistic performance can help the younger generation better understand Chinese culture. Dance is an especially good tool to educate the youth. He said the dance, "Lady of the Moon" is a mythical tale with a long history and is easily absorbed by young people when interpreted well on stage.

Fang's wife mentioned the dance, "Forsythia In Spring." "It shows scenes of spring in a very refreshing and uplifting way. I felt that the presence of spring was upon me when I saw this dance. It's so lively. It cleansed and soothed my mind."

She said she would encourage her family and friends in Taiwan to see the Spectacular in Taipei.

Lee Sung Gab is the administrator of the Vision CEO Forum. After watching the Spectacular, he said, "I was introduced to a world I have never known before. It opened my heart. This show was an opportunity to experience a brand new world."

He said that the dance, "The Risen Lotus Flower" was very moving and impressed him the most.

Then he commented on another aspect of Chinese culture, saying, "I've seen Chinese opera before, and they emphasize the overall stage effect. On the other hand, this show focuses the spiritual realm, and throughout the course of the Spectacular I could feel that the spiritual world is full of life."

Ms. Liu, originally from Mainland China, said that the show expressed things she wanted to say but dared not say.

"It's like everything that is bottled up in me was unfolded in this performance. Do you know that in our current state of culture, the Communist Party fills the country with trash [propaganda, etc.], especially its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners is exceedingly unreasonable. Yet we the common people dare not say anything at all and have to keep it bottled up. The dance ["The Risen Lotus Flower"] expressed this feeling so well. It's truly inspirational."

She said she had been looking forward to the Spectacular for a long time, "Two years ago, I read news articles saying this show is very moving, and I really wanted to see it but couldn't at the time. Later, I happened to cross paths with my sister and she asked if I wanted to see a show. I asked, 'Is it the Divine Performing Arts?' She said yes, and I immediately answered that I wanted to see it. I told her that the intro about the show I read was about the Divine Arts performance in the US, but how I could see it so far from here? I can't see it unless I go to America." My sister chuckled.

Ms. Liu said that "The Risen Lotus Flower" impressed her the most, because it awakened and reinvigorated her. In the end, she said she would do more public service work when she has the time, as this is what she took away from the Spectacular.

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Zhao Xunxiang, a real estate broker and his wife at the Spectacular

Zhao Xunxiang, a real estate broker, said the show got his attention from the very first number. He remarked that although it's not a religious performance, the dances had elements of cultivation. The movements were very rhythmic, synchronized, and clean.

His favorite piece was "The Risen Lotus Flower," with three dancers. It moved him beyond words. He said that the scene where one Falun Gong practitioner was tortured to death for trying to help and protect the others "shook me to the core."

Mr. Zhao was also very impressed with "The Mongolian Bowl Dance" and the "Lady of the Moon," as the dancers' movements and the backdrops were perfect, without any superfluous steps or images. He sensed an especially clean feeling in the fire, arrow and dark clouds depicted in "Lady of the Moon."