(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa Practitioners in the Fa-rectification period are cultivating during a special time. They shoulder the sacred historic mission of assisting Teacher in the human world during individual cultivation and Fa-rectification cultivation. Individual cultivation and Fa-rectification cultivation are two sides of the same coin and inseparable. They are two components that define Dafa practitioners during this Fa-rectification period. We happen to be cultivating during this great historical time, and we co-exist with Fa-rectification and Teacher.

Some prophecies mentioned a time period (around this time) when humans and gods would co-exist. Individual cultivation is already finished for many practitioners, who basically meet the standards for consummation, and the remaining time is reserved for fulfilling the vows made long ago and assisting Teacher with Fa-rectification. In doing the three things well, we establish our mighty virtue. Teacher has prepared a higher fruit status for us. In other words we have enough supernormal abilities, for example, in sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, and sufficient righteous thoughts to turn the tables on the evildoers. The rest is a matter of utilizing the mighty power of righteous thoughts, so it is gods who are actually validating the Fa in the human world. On the surface we are not any different from everyday people, but in essence we are different from them--it is the difference between immortals and humans!

This isn't evident to Dafa practitioner and we don't feel it. However, we should realize that only if we enlighten to Fa principles will we feel that we have a divine side that's different from everyday people. We are truly on our way to divinity, however we are still among everyday people and we utilize the environment to cultivate ourselves and fulfill our vows--do the three things well and assist Teacher in the human world. Isn't this divine beings among men? Its just that everyday people don't know it.

We are Dafa practitioners during the Fa-rectification period and we are facing the issue of how to accomplish this mission, walk our path of Fa-rectification well, and do the three thing well. It does not matter if other practitioners notice it or not, according to Fa principles we are indeed different from worldly people. We don't take seriously what they pay attention to, we don't become attached to what they are attached to, we are not concerned about what they like, and we take lightly what they pursue. We are totally different from everyday people, and this difference is increasing because we are walking the path to divinity and we are divine beings--Dafa practitioners during Fa-rectification.

These differences from sentient beings manifest with our every choice, and our every word and action. It's the basis for doing the three things well and taking each step solidly and steadily on the path of Fa-rectification. At any time and on any occasion, if we do not cultivate ourselves well, we are just everyday people. If we don't do the three things well, we are not walking well on the Fa-rectification path. We walk our paths step by step, and how we take each step depends on how we handle ourselves in each situation. Isn't our every thought and action a true portrayal of our cultivation during Fa-rectification?

Handling all matters well requires watching our every thought. So we should put all of our thoughts in line with the Fa.

We should always regard ourselves as divine beings and people who are on our way to divinity, and always realize that we are not sentient beings who live ordinary lives--we are cultivators, Dafa disciples during Fa-rectification, and we are to fulfill our historic missions. If we have thoughts like this, then we will handle every minute well and treat everything with righteous thoughts.

If we have righteous thoughts, we are divine beings at this moment. Even though on the surface we are human, actually we can have thoughts of divine beings at the same time. Whoever maintains righteous thoughts will be a divine being among men. In your environment, family, society, and workplace, if you can always differentiate yourself in everything, then you are not an everyday person. You are different from everyday people. Just like a divine being who lives in seclusion among everyday people, you are a divine being among men. You are unconcerned when interacting with everyday people, but not passive or indulgent. You regard this as a way to maintain everyday life. Although you live in this world, you mind is beyond it and you are not attached to anything here. You do not think like an everyday person. With the thought of a divine being, you are on the path to divinity. We should set our hearts on the Fa and do divine things in the human realm.

During cultivation in Fa-rectification, practitioners who obtained the Fa prior to July 20, 1999 have already completed their personal cultivation period. Teacher has taught us more of the inner meaning about cultivation, regarding validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. This profound meaning is improving us, and we certainly should eliminate the attachments we were not aware of before. These are reflected in our true cultivation. At present, in this Fa-rectification period, truly practicing cultivation includes studying the Fa, clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts. We should take solid steps in doing these three things well.