(Clearwisdom.net) (Continued from Part 1)

2. Sending forth righteous thoughts

I finally eliminated the attachment to fear and returned home. I sent a solemn declaration that I would resume my cultivation to the Minghui website. I learned that I could send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate and negate the persecution. So I sent forth righteous thoughts for the first time after the persecution had started. I still can vividly remember that experience.

Less than two minutes after I held my hand up in front of my chest, I became so exhausted that I fainted on the bed and fell asleep. After a short while, I felt someone touch me once, saying, "She fainted." Another voice said, "Let's help her." I immediately heard resounding drums and loud shouting of "Charge!" It seemed as though two armies were at war. I felt anxious, but I could not move. Within a moment, the sounds gradually disappeared and beautiful music arose. I immediately felt incomparable relief. Then I heard the voices again, "Don't get discouraged. Hurry and catch up. We will go ahead first!" I heard footsteps walking away and also the sound of poetry recital. The poems were about the battle between the righteous and evil in other dimensions. I soon opened up my eyes, only to find my face covered in tears.

I was shocked by the experience. I almost never missed sending forth righteous thoughts at the appointed times thereafter, because I clearly knew that there were so many evil beings that I needed to eliminate. I especially needed to do this since a large number of evil beings had accumulated in my dimensional field. I also noticed that I even knew the number of evil beings when sending forth righteous thoughts. Being able to see them, though perhaps not very clearly, helped me to eliminate them quickly.

Here I want to remind practitioners who have just come out of labor camps and prisons to pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, and to also pay attention to cleaning their own dimensional fields. I have seen that all the practitioners who had made compromises to the evil persecution, or who were detained for long times, had dimensional fields filled with evil beings, reflecting bad thoughts, notions and external interference. These things all exist with life forms. Every minute, they torture practitioners' internal organs and hinder them from studying the Fa and being diligent. These evil beings have to be eliminated.

After I had just had returned home, I eliminated these evil beings all night long every day. It took me more than half a year to eliminate most of them. At the same time, I practiced the exercises more, as some of the evil beings were quite large. Because I had been lazy and had not practiced the exercises before, every time I finished sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt so tired that I immediately lied down and fell asleep. Those who have not practiced the exercises frequently may often feel very tired after sending forth righteous thoughts. This is because some evil beings are quite big and difficult to eliminate. Now, fewer evil beings are left. Those remaining have gathered and mainly concentrated in the dimensional fields of practitioners who have not sent forth righteous thoughts for long times, or who have not cultivated diligently.

Our divine powers need to be strengthened with our mighty energy. The more powerful our divine powers are, the more evil beings that will be eliminated, so I feel we should practice the exercises more often. The second important thing is that when sending forth righteous thoughts, we have to remain clearheaded and not fall asleep. Otherwise, we may bring harm to our bodies in other dimensions or cause our dimensional fields to have some crevices into which the evil can enter.

(to be continued)