(Clearwisdom.net) On February 27, 2008, the 610 Office in Dehui City, Jilin Province, the Dehui City Police Department, and the Changchun City Police Department arrested more than ten Falun Dafa practitioners in Dehui City and illegally detained them in the Dehui City Detention Center.

It was revealed that the Dehui City Police had secretly monitored and followed the practitioners for a long period of time before they carried out the arrest. On the evening of February 27, the police gathered in several groups, with every group containing 30 to 40 police officers. They ransacked the practitioners' homes, stole their personal property, and recorded them with video cameras while they were arresting them. Police from many districts participated in this criminal activity.

The arrested Falun Dafa practitioners included Mr. Li Binqi, Mr. Zhang Shouping, Mr. Zhang Guiquan, Ms. Xiangzi (surname unknown), Ms. Liu Donghui, Ms. Wang Di, Ms. Hu Li, Ms. Xiaoyan (surname unknown), Ms. Wang Czhangying, Ms. He Wen, Ms. Li Zhenyu, Ms. Wang Dongmei, Ms. Sun Yuxia, and Mr. Dajun (surname unknown). It was revealed that these practitioners are being tortured inside the detention center. Further information is unknown.

Li Yuke, head of the 610 Office in Dehui City: 86-431-87216610 (Office), 86-431-87234600 (Home), 86-13364633706 (Cell)

Dehui City Police Department:
Zhang Guochen (male), chief: 86-431-87222192 (Office), 86-431-83209999 (Home), 86-13943101001 (Cell), 86-15904400460 (Cell)
Li Jin (male), political instructor: 86-15904400461 (Cell)
Zhao Hongcai (male), deputy chief: 86-15904400463 (Cell)
Wang Shuxin (male), deputy chief: 86-431-87238208 (Office), 86-431-87276698 (Home), 86-15904400466 (Cell)
Zhao Yujie (male), director of Political and Security Office: 86-431-87222053 (Office), 86-431-87224923 (Home), 86-15904409843 (Cell)
Zhang Qingchun (male), head of National Security Team: 86-431-87222053 (Office), 86-431-87264567 (Home), 86-15904409842 (Cell)
Sun Chengshan (male), deputy head of National Security Team: 86-431-87222053 (Office), 86-431-87218616 (Home), 86-15904409844 (Cell)

Dehui City Detention Center:
Chen Shusan (male), chief warden: 86-431-87273438 (Office), 86-15904414530 (Cell)
Liu Yuhu (male), deputy warden: 86-431-87273438 (Office), 86-15904414532 (Cell)

March 1, 2008