(Clearwisdom.net) In eight years of Fa-rectification cultivation, I have gradually matured. I now deeply believe that as long as we let go of human notions, believe in Teacher and Dafa and have righteous thoughts and righteous acts, we can negate the old forces' arrangements. Dafa practitioners have the final say; so, the human world is not so easy for evil to do evil. Indeed "When disciples have ample righteous thoughts

Master has the power to turn back the tide" (Hong Yin II)

Believing in Teacher and Dafa, There is No Tribulation We Can't Overcome

In the second half year of 2000, over 20 practitioners in my city held a Fa experience sharing conference, which I attended. We decided to print the first truth-clarification fliers in our city, and attempted to cover every road and lane overnight, trying to do too much at once. Two practitioners and I formed one team, and we were in charge of one area. From 2 a.m. to 5 a.m., we distributed several hundred truth-clarification fliers. We were not experienced in our efforts and another team was reported by an evil-doer. Later the public security department learned of our entire distribution process. We suffered huge losses. Several practitioners were sentenced to prison, while several others were sent to forced labor camps. I was also detained for one day and had my home searched. At that time I had no fear, nor was I concerned for my own persecution. I told them: "Falun Dafa is good! Don't persecute good people." At around midnight, they let me go home. I knew that Teacher had protected me.

Another incident happened in autumn of 2005. One night a practitioner invited me to go out to distribute truth-clarification materials. We had finished distributing 70 or so, with only one remaining to put up, when we were reported by a student. The fellow practitioner escaped, but I was sent to the police station. That night, both the public security bureau and the national security bureau sent people to interrogate me. They asked me for the origin of the materials and the practitioner's name who distributed fliers with me. I did not cooperate, and I told them not to do dishonorable things. They handcuffed me to the metal pipe in the interrogation room. During the night, I could only stand and I was unable to straighten my back. I silently recited Teacher's Fa, and I asked Teacher to strengthen me so that I might leave because I still needed to save people. I felt a warm current going through my entire body, I knew that Teacher was always protecting me. Later I discovered that they had searched my home that night, confiscated my only hardbound copy of Zhuan Falun, and my handwritten copies of Teacher's lectures and a Minghui Weekly, but they did not find the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. My husband resisted their illegal actions, and he was taken to a detention center and persecuted for nine days. On the second morning, a policeman shouted at me, "This time we won't let you off so easily. Quickly, talk, otherwise we'll send you to a labor camp." I said to him righteously and sternly, "You do not have the final say, my Teacher has the final say." Because of Teacher's strengthening me and other practitioners' assistance (after they heard about me, they continuously sent forth righteous thoughts for me), I made no "confessions" to the police at all. On the following afternoon, my workplace sent a car to take me home. Recalling all these events, I realized that my attachment to doing things came out during that period of time, and I was taken advantage of by the evil.

My husband and I thwarted the police's attempts to send me to the local brainwashing center three times. Another time I successfully stopped several police officers from searching my home at night in an attempt to find "evidence" and excuses to persecute me.

Doing the Three Things Well, Harmonizing as One Body

Teacher has been telling us to study the Fa more and that studying the Fa well is the key to improvement. I have thus paid more attention to Fa study. Besides working, doing housework and sleeping, I try to use the remaining time to study the Fa more and well. After I finish reading one book, I pick up another; I do not pursue quantity or speed in my Fa study, but I melt myself into the Fa. I compare myself now with the way I was, especially during the most wicked period from 2000 to 2003. Due to all sorts of pressure or fear, we practitioners had less contact with each other. Enlightening in such an environment was a bigger test for us, with higher requirements. When we had group Fa study, fellow practitioners often stayed together, but during that time one mostly relied on oneself. Since I became a Falun Gong practitioner, I formed the habit of making notes, "Today I enlighten to a certain Fa principle, tomorrow I find I had a shortcoming, attachment or human notion." Sometimes I write about the different requirements of us in different Fa-rectification processes; I write them all down to share with myself, discipline myself, and then burn them (for safety concerns) after a period of time. Hence I have hardly experienced any interference. As a matter of fact, Teacher has been protecting us. He surrounds our environment, ensuring that things go towards an advantageous direction in doing the three things well.

In 2005, my workplace provided me with a computer. So when I have spare time, I may visit Dafa websites and download Dafa books or lectures to read. This has increased my Fa study time, and it has built a good foundation for Fa-rectification period cultivation and for saving sentient beings even better. With a clear understanding of the Fa, we get twice the result with half the effort, and we are not easily taken advantage of by the evil.

When my cultivation state is not good, I can't concentrate on Fa study and can't enlighten to Fa principles. Normally this is the time that I am not doing the three things well and I need to look inwards and improve, and let go of attachments. During a period of time in 2003, I always dreamed of snakes or dead people, and I knew that my condition was not good. My mind was often unclean and I was interfered with by evil. Through continuous Fa study, I realized I had not understood Teacher's words. I had fear and the quality of my righteous thoughts was poor. I did very little truth clarification. Teacher was telling me to eliminate the evil more, save more people and ceaselessly move forward to complete the oath we once made.

Not Backing Down While Saving Sentient Beings

From 1999 to 2000, I clarified the truth by word of mouth, as we did not have material sources during that time. After 2001, with the encouragement of fellow practitioners, I started to distribute some fliers and put up some truth-clarification posters that fellow practitioners had obtained from another city. It was also a process of removing fear and breaking through. Sometimes I went out on a bike, going to many places to distribute only a few fliers.

Sometimes the evil interfered. While I distributed materials, my feet became swollen. I would say to them, "I won't back down, I am a Dafa practitioner. I only listen to Teacher; things that my Teacher asks me to do are the most righteous in the entire universe." After several times, there was no more such interference as fellow practitioners and I went to distribute fliers together a few times in nearby villages.

In 2002, a practitioner who had worked with me was sent to a forced labor camp. I lost my source of materials, so I bought brush, color pens, white paper and stickers. I wrote "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa," "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance are good," "Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice" and pasted them up, and sometimes I also wrote poems of my feelings during truth clarification.

There are not many fellow practitioners in our area. After July 20, 1999, practitioners who truly persisted in practicing numbered less than 300 people in a city of over one million residents. Due to our attachment of relying on others, we had to rely on another city to provide materials. Local practitioners wanted to set up a material production site, but before it became operational, it was destroyed by local police. The practitioners were sentenced to prison or sent to forced labor camp. Our Fa-rectification process was obviously behind that of other areas, and far from Teacher's requirements. Prior to 2004, I was unable to see Teacher's new lectures in time; I could hardly read the Minghui Weekly under the adverse circumstances. I relied on my faith in Dafa, utilized the convenience of work, explained the facts about the persecution to people I could get in touch with, and left them with my compassion and mercy from Dafa cultivation.

After 2004, our area had a stable material source, and the whole city's truth-clarification work spread on a large scale. Because we had less people, we had great responsibilities and huge tasks. As people in the area were saved, our environment became better and better, and more and more practitioners stepped forward. More and more people understood the truth. I also began to use my spare time to hand out more materials and put up more posters. Day or night, chilly winter or hot summer, during new year and other festivals, on big roads and small lanes, city areas or villages, I left my footprints. I go upstairs as if I am walking on flat ground; this is supernatural power of Dafa. For several years, with Teacher's strengthening, I overcame the electric baton shocking, and have no ill-effects and still have a steady walk. I have handed out 20,000 to 30,000 truth-clarification materials, and around 2,000 copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. We cooperate with each other, share jobs systematically and put every practitioner's special skills to good use. We gradually have become mature, and there has not been any serious persecution in our area in the past two years.

I learned how to use computers in 2005; this test also gave me reason for eternal gratitude. I had been resisting using a computer, but Teacher actually raises and drags us upwards to improve. For me, this manifestation in the human world came after my workplace provided me with a computer. Right away I wanted to learn to use the computer in all aspects of work. After about a month of overtime, I broke through this difficulty. Now, I have my computer at home connected to the Internet, and I also bought a printer. I began to print Teacher's lectures and the Minghui Weekly for myself, and gradually helped other practitioners to print some, and sometimes made materials, and took a bit of the burden from the material production site. Now I also help practitioners upload people's withdrawals from the CCP and make truth-clarification phone calls.

It Is Such an Honor to Be Teacher's Dafa Disciple

I am able to act according to Dafa's requirements in daily life, and I try my best to be considerate of my family members. My husband and son both understand Dafa's beauty and the CCP's wickedness, and they both support me. My husband helps me hand out materials, uploads people's withdrawal statements, and prints the Minghui Weekly. In 2006, I undertook material delivery work, and we also established a Fa study group at my home. We study the Fa once a week, exchange views and help each other study and compare our understanding. We are improving quickly.

Before, I liked to dress well and make myself look beautiful, but I basically abandoned this attachment after I became a Dafa practitioner. After the persecution, in particular, I buy inexpensive clothes and go to wholesale markets to buy food. I try hard to save money that can then be used for making materials.

After ten years of cultivation, with Teacher's continuous hints and careful protection, I am still able to walk my path. Compared to practitioners who do well, I still have big gaps. It is such an honor to be Teacher's Dafa Disciple. Therefore in the limited time left for Fa-rectification, in that same time remaining for continually improving myself, I must act according to Teacher's requirements, "to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people" ("Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital") in grasping the time to save sentient beings. I must break through tribulations while advising people face to face to quit the CCP, save more people, save people better and not let down Teacher's merciful salvation!