Greetings, Respected Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

In 1997, my mother and I learned Falun Dafa together. Before this, my health was very bad, and I needed to see doctors frequently. My parents were told soon after I was born that I had a serious illness, and skin ulcers spread all over my head, which was completely bald. The parents of other children would not let their children play with me. I grew up in an isolated world, feeling inferior to others, and was always depressed. Classmates in my school bullied me, and they often stole my books and other belongings. Gradually I grew to harbor an indescribable resentment, and often vented it toward my parents. To console me, they let me get my way and spoiled me. I got used to blowing up at home whenever something was not going my way.

When I first learned Dafa, I did not quite understand the meaning of cultivation. I just felt good when I did the exercises and studied the Fa with the group at the practice site. No one looked down on me there. Rather, everyone cared about me and taught me patiently how to do the exercises. My injured heart slowly healed in this environment. At the time, I was not quite seven years old. I did not know the reason, but I just knew that I liked the environment and wanted to go there every day.

From then on I dared to look people in the eye. I noticed there were many young practitioners at the practice site, and they attended the same school as I did. One of them was even in the same class. In this environment, we young practitioners worked very diligently. We helped each other and examined ourselves, and made sure that we did not fall behind. We elevated ourselves very fast. Without noticing when it happened, the ulcers on my head all disappeared, and hair began to grow on my bald head. I also did not go to see a doctor any more after learning Dafa. My happiness was indescribable. The pleasure came from the bottom of my heart. I deeply appreciated Teacher's caring for me and saving me.

Jiang Zemin began to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. The village officials and police went to ransack practitioners' homes frequently and took away their Dafa books. Both Mom and I were undaunted when they came to our home. We asked Teacher to not let them find our books, so they did not go to the place where we hid the books. Since then, we have had to study the Fa and do the exercises in secrecy.

As I grew older and went to junior high, the time I spent doing the exercises and studying the Fa got less and less. Eventually I stopped doing the exercises altogether, and studying the Fa became just a formality. Mom often cautioned me, but I always used my schoolwork as an excuse, whereas in reality I was just lazy.

The laziness made me forget my real home and forget my true reason for being here. The old forces took advantage of my loophole. One day I ran into a car as I was riding my bike to school with a classmate. Not caring about my condition, the driver jumped out and yelled at me for not looking. The right side of my face swelled up right away, and blood came out of my mouth. Then the driver just drove away and we went to school. The second period was physical education. The teacher let us run for the whole period and that made me feel worse. I told Mom what had happened after I got home, and she was shocked. She talked to me about Dafa and wanted me to draw my lessons from Dafa, asking me to think about whether it was because I had neglected cultivation, and as a result, I was taken advantage of by the old forces. If it was not for Teacher who had saved me, I probably would have died. Although I had a better understanding at the time, I still wanted to have fun and did not resume Fa study and the exercises as I had done when I had just learned Dafa.

Teacher did not give up on me and arranged for me to get acquainted with some fellow practitioners. Gradually I became more diligent. I now recognize that only if I honestly cultivate myself can I face Teacher without feeling guilty, and I will be able to meet the expectations of the countless sentient beings.

Above is my personal experience. Please point out any deficiencies.