There are always some people who muddle and stir things up, interfering with fellow students. No matter who you are, just apply yourself sincerely to cultivation and do your utmost to clarify the facts, and by doing so, let your actions speak for themselves. Why is it you're always going on about how you are this or that? Could that be called cultivation? That amounts to causing interference among students.

Li Hongzhi

February 20, 2008

( About two years ago, the Minghui website disclosed CCP agent Fan Yanyu's actions and provided photos of her. The website's article warned Dafa disciples to be vigilant, to cut off interactions with CCP agents, and to not give them an ear so as to end the spies' interference and attempts to mislead. But for some time now, some practitioners who haven't studied the Fa deeply have failed to heed the warning. And to the contrary, they have outright defended Fan. For example, Zhang Yunjie of New York and other practitioners influenced by Zhang have said, "It's not like that. Minghui had it wrong, the Falun Dafa Association had it wrong." They took out of context Master's remark about "saving spies"--something said in a different, specific context--and used it to try to justify their behavior. They even said disparaging things about the Minghui website and declared, "We will go along with it only if it specifically comes from Master." They have created confusion among practitioners who are not diligent with Fa-study.

With that being the situation, CCP spy Fan Yanyu has not only been accepted by certain practitioners, but has even been living with several practitioners for quite some time. This has led to a flurry of activity from Fan all over New York. At one point it was reiterated at group Fa-study how we should deal with CCP spies and handle our cultivation issues, yet afterwards a handful of students still insisted on housing Fan; these same persons have also neglected to participate in activities that Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples should join.

Master treasures every single being and gives each life chances, but Dafa has its dignity alongside its compassion. Let's hereby again remind the relevant students to quiet their minds and study the Fa well, to maintain a clear and rational mind, to give spies and those who harm the Fa no audience, to avoid creating unnecessary barriers in their own cultivation, to be responsible to their own cultivation and lives, to seize the time to be diligent, and to truly do the three things well.

By A New York Dafa disciple