(Clearwisdom.net) Bao Siqin-Gaowa, 30, was born in Baokang County, Kezuozhong Prefecture, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia. She was an excellent student since elementary school, all the way to college. But she was deprived of her education in Heilongjiang University because she practiced Falun Gong. The police followed and persecuted her.

Gaowa was a physics student at that university and began Falun Gong practice during her second year there. Her parents then also became Falun Gong practitioners, which brought the three of them much happiness. Her parents' illnesses were cured without any medical treatment and Gaowa no longer suffered from physical ailments, and was an excellent college student, demonstrating great moral character and excelling in academics.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) banned Falun Gong in 1999, and Gaowa went to Beijing to appeal against the injustice. She became separated from fellow practitioners in a crowd. A police officer accosted her and asked, "Do you practice Falun Gong?" Gaowa answered, "Yes." The police officer confiscated her ID and informed her university. The school expelled her, six months prior to her graduation.

She returned to Baokang and could not find suitable employment because the police withheld her ID. Eventually she found a job as a typist that earned her a mere 150 yuan a month. She was actually under house arrest.

When Gaowa logged onto the Minghui website once, the police detected it. She was fired from her typist job and no longer had any income. From then on, police officers Song Shouan, Bai Yuhua, Xiao Zhong, Yu Qinglin, and He Bagen often went to her home to confiscate her Dafa books. They even took away a small card on which was written: I want to have a copy of Zhuan Falun. One time Gaowa held a small piece of paper with a selection of Master Li's teachings written on it. Song Shouan, with all his strength, forcibly took the paper from her hand. They put intense pressure on Gaowa's parents and made her parents beat her (Her parents had quit practicing because of the persecution). Her father almost broke one of Gaowa's legs, and it took her several months to recover. However, Gaowa still persisted with Falun Gong practice and saving sentient beings. A rumormonger from the police station said, "As a college student, she doesn't want to study or work, and her parents have to support her."

On January 16, 2003 [on the lunar calendar] Song Shouan, Bai Yuhua, Xiao Zhong, and Yu Qinglin from the Baokang Police Station captured Gaowa with a ruse. She was sentenced for one year in a forced labor camp two weeks later without proof or due process. The decision document lists merely two words: Falun Gong. The persecutors sent her to the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp, without notifying her parents.

Gaowa firmly refused to be "reformed" in the camp and persisted in Fa study and doing the Falun Gong exercises. She was cruelly beaten. This left her unable to move her neck, and she couldn't take care of herself, even needing fellow practitioners to help her to put on and fasten her shoes. She was confined in a small dark room by herself for 15 days without natural light and was deprived of sleep. She was forced to stand for so long that her feet swelled. Her parents went to see her and saw that she had been tortured. As Gaowa was young, the persecutors decided to send her to a secret concentration camp, but for an unknown reason, she was later sent back to the labor camp. The police knew that if Gaowa was sent there, she couldn't survive. Gaowa heard police say that she would be in great danger if she was sent there. One month later they released Gaowa, and she went home.

Three days later, 43-year-old police officer Yu Qinglin, who had taken part in the persecution, suddenly died with blood in his mouth. No one could determine what illness had caused his death.

At that point, Gaowa had been unemployed for five years. She wanted to make an independent living and went to the home of a fellow practitioner named Qu Liling in Jiamatu. She eventually helped them plow their fields and plant fruit trees. The police had followed her to Jiamatu from Baokang. Several days later, police station superintendent Zhang Xiwen, Li Guicai at Jiamatu, and Gao from Baokang went to Qu Liling's home. They jumped into the yard and went directly to the structure where Gaowa lived.

Gaowa spoke reasonably with them. The persecutors couldn't find any reasonable cause and had to leave. Several days later they deceived a 40-year-old man into saying that Gaowa and other practitioners had clarified the truth to him and distributed truth-materials. The man also lurked around the house and vandalized outside Gaowa's home.

When that man came back Gaowa didn't let him in. He took a shovel and broken a dozen window panes into pieces, and took a large wooden stick and shouted like a madman. Right then Qu Liling's husband returned and thought that a group of gangsters had invaded. He picked up the phone and reported the incident to the police. Police officer Bao Yuzhu arrived more than half an hour later, wandered around cursing, and left. The man claimed that people from police station asked him several times to come here to beat Gaowa. If he didn't do it, they would not leave him alone. He revealed the truth.

Then Gaowa went to the Jiamatu Police Station to speak to the superintendent Zhang Xiwen who was not there. Only deputy superintendent Li Guicai and another young man were at the police station. Qu Liling wanted to know why police station officials ordered someone to beat a person. Li Guicai said that he didn't do it. After a while Zhang Xiwen returned. Their real purpose was to make Gaowa come to the police station so they could take her back to Baokang. Several days after Gaowa left, Zhang Xiwen ordered some people to destroy Qu Liling's house. A person who had just bought Qu Liling's house happened to overhear this plan and said, "Don't destroy the house, I just bought it." Qu Liling and her husband then escaped from the disaster.

Once Gaowa was back in Baokang, Bai Yuhua started a new round persecution. He followed Gaowa everywhere, even to practitioner Li Guizhi's home on November 5, 2005. When the practitioner had just put several Dafa materials on a bed, Bai Yuhua suddenly intruded and called other people to come. The practitioners clarified the truth to Bai Yuhua, but she would not listen. Li Guizhi grabbed Bai Yuhua and let Gaowa escape. Gaowa then became homeless to avoid further persecution.

Gaowa missed her parents and called her family on her cell phone on June 4, 2007. Her phone had been tapped for a long time, and Baokang police traced the call and found her. She was arrested. Officers from Baokang and Jilin participated in the arrest. They sentenced her to two years in a labor camp and sent her to the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp for further persecution.

Baokang Police Station personnel have persecuted Gaowa for eight years and caused Gaowa financial losses of more than ten thousand yuan.

January 8, 2008