A Pressure Cooker Explodes with No Injuries

I am a practitioner in Weifang City. One day in 2002, I was cooking porridge when the pressure cooker that I was cooking with suddenly exploded. With a loud "bang" the 8-mm thick cement counter top was crushed to pieces. The fan and the ceiling were damaged, and the hot porridge spread all over the kitchen. I was cutting vegetables right next to the stove at the time, but miraculously, the porridge did not touch me. The pressure cooker fell to the ground and hit my foot, but I was not injured except for a minor bruise, but the floor was damaged.

More incredible was that the exploded valve of the cooker went through the kitchen, dining room, the small activity room and finally dropped in the living room. The recently remodeled house was not damaged at all, except for a minor scratch which is barely discernible. The law of physics tells us that an object moves in a straight line, but how could the valve make four turns by circling around the doors, windows, tables, and chairs finally reaching the living room. Many people have been injured and their houses damaged from accidents with pressure cookers. People who knew me said that my being a Falun Gong practitioner made me most fortunate.

Indeed, since I began to practice Falun Gong, I have gained tremendously. The facts are that it is beneficial to one's health, family, and to society. I believe anyone who cherishes Dafa will be blessed.

A Wonderful Cultivation Practice that Saves People's Lives

I was a Christian for over twenty years. My uncle and my auntie were both Falun Gong practitioners and told me about it seven years ago. I noticed that they had become much healthier after they had begun practicing Falun Gong. They had marvelous facial tones, and appeared very young and active. I was bound by human conceptions, and feeling that since I believed in God, I should not get involved in any other practice. After the persecution began, I became even more afraid to get involved. I knew in my mind that it must be a truly great cultivation method, since the practitioners were so persistent despite the government's severe persecution.

A few months ago, auntie and uncle urged me again to learn Falun Gong. I saw that they physically got better and better, while my health was getting worse and worse. I finally decided to give it a try. At first I read "Falun Gong", and was shocked by the profound principles in it. I made up my mind that I would begin to cultivate.

My husband and I learned the exercises from the instruction video and began to practice Falun Dafa. A few months later, my husband's sinus problem that had bothered him for years went away. My health problems also disappeared. Teacher indeed was watching over us. I felt the law wheel turning in my body, and had visions of landscapes and scenes so beautiful that it was indescribable. I was so touched that I shed tears. Indeed Falun Gong is something that I have been searching for all my life.

After we began to cultivate, our whole family quit the Chinese Communist Party and its associated organizations. My son was a senior in junior high school, with a heavy course load. He fell one day in an accident at school from the third floor to the stairs. When I got the phone call, I thought immediately "With Teacher and Dafa protecting us, he is going to be all right." The school took him to the hospital, examined him thoroughly, and found no internal injuries whatsoever. My son went to the school as usual afterwards.

Falun Gong is miraculous, and is a practice that saves people's lives.