(Clearwisdom.net) On July 23, 1999, I was taken to the Changxing Police Station in Beizhen City, Liaoning Province. He Jinglong, the vice head of the police station, threatened me without reason and forced me to write a guarantee statement. On August 13, Lu Zhenfu and others from the Political and Security Section "illegally detained" me for twenty-six days and extorted over five hundred yuan from me.

In January 2001, Yang Chunpeng and others from the Changxing Police Station deceived me under the guise of "approaching me for more information," and forced me go to the police station. They then illegally detained me in the Beizhen Lockup without following any legal procedures. On the next day, I was transferred to the Beizhen Detention Center. Because I did not cooperate with their attempts to torture me, a female guard by the name of An Bo violently slapped my face with the bottom of a shoe. During my hunger strike, I was unlawfully interrogated and threatened many, many times. The head of the group instigated some male criminals to handcuff my hands to a radiator and a bed railing. One criminal forced a filthy tooth brush into my mouth, and jerked it around while constantly insulting me. Xu Dongbiao, the head of the group, incited several male criminals to savagely force-feed me with rice soup that had several large spoons of salt added. One of my lower teeth fell out when they used a handcuff to force my mouth open, and my teeth on two sides were severely loosened, and can no longer be fixed. They then illegally sentenced me in the detention center. During the appealing period when I strongly demanded to appeal for myself, I was unlawfully transferred to Masanjia Detention Center and was continuously persecuted there.

In Masanjia Detention Center, because I refused to give up my practice, I was forbidden to sleep or use the toilet for a long period of time. Many people insulted and beat me, and even ripped out my hair. They savagely force-fed me with a tube inserted into my nose and down my throat. They put unidentified drugs into the the food that they force-fed me with, and as a result, I had diarrhea multiple times, my body had no strength, I was absent-minded and talked senselessly, and I even lost my memory. Even though I was in such poor condition, at least six criminals firmly pressed on my legs, hands and head, and constantly tortured me with a variety of means and eventually caused me to pass out for a long time.

In March 2001, several people twisted both of my arms to my back and pulled my arms until they could no longer move. Then they pulled my legs straight and pressed my head against the ground, and let a criminal who weighed over sixty-five kilograms sit on my lower back for a long time. In April, the head of the group, Shao Li, instigated people to drag me into a public bathing pool at 10:00 p.m. After they stuffed a towel into my mouth, they pressed me onto the pool drainage's concrete reinforcing bars, and five people forcibly pulled my arms and legs to my back and made them overlap each other. Then they used force to press on my body. One of the instigators told the evildoers not to keep constant pressure on me without moving, because it would cause my body to become numb and I would not feel any pain. By pressing for some time, then releasing, and pressing again, they were able to inflict more pain without causing any noticeable bruises or scars on my body.

After some time, they said that I seemed "too comfortable," so they again pulled my hands toward my back to the extreme, pulled my legs forward with force, and pressed my head down between my legs. Five people then pressed on my head, arms and legs. On that one night, fifteen people participated in persecuting and torturing me. They did not move their hands off of me until dawn when the joints on both sides of my jaw dislocated because of the towel that was stuffed into my mouth. The guard took me to the hospital to have my jaw fixed and lied to the doctor in the bone department, saying that my joints were dislocated when I was reporting my number during the routine morning check.

This cruel torture caused many injuries on my body. For one month, I could not take off my clothing before going to bed. I could not walk independently, and I had constant vaginal bleeding every day for fifteen months. It took a very long time for me to recover. In April 2002, three guards instigated six collaborators to tie my hands behind my back using ropes made from cloth strips, and press me down onto the ground for a long time.

The above is only a portion of the physical abuse that I have suffered during the long period of being illegally imprisoned. The mental and physical persecution that Falun Gong practitioners suffer is inhuman and so evil that it cannot not be described in human language.

January 27, 2008