(Clearwisdom.net) Three Falun Gong practitioners from Yingcheng City, Hubei Province are still in prison; another one was sent to a forced labor camp. The following are the details.

Ms. Wang Ping, in her 40s, is a customer service representative for the railway scale at the Shuanghuan Company. Persecutors nabbed her at work the morning of June 13, 2001. Participating in the incident were personnel from the Yincheng 610 Office, those from the Dongmafang Police Station and Xinji Police Station. They teamed up with those from the security department at Ms. Wang's company. They took Ms. Wang to the Shuanghuan Hostel, ransacked her home and confiscated some of her personal property worth over 10,000 yuan. Chen Jing, Qiu Xianbo and another person from the Xinji Police Station tried to force her to make a confession that night. They beat her the whole night with wire clothes hangers and electric batons. Her head was swollen from the beatings; one of her arms sustained a four-inch-long cut that bled; other injuries on her body also bled. The next day the police took Ms. Wang Ping to the Yinching City First Detention Center. The officials there refused to accept her because of her severe injuries. They then took her to the police department hospital. Six days later she was taken to detention center again. In July 2002, the persecutors sentenced Ms. Wang Ping to seven years in prison and sent her to the Wuhan Women's Prison on July 16, 2002, where she is still incarcerated.

Mr. Luo Guozhu is from Chenhe, Yingcheng City. Agents from the "610 Office" and from the Police Department in Yingcheng arrested him for practicing Falun Gong and revealing the facts about Falun Gong to local people in October 2001. The following December, persecutors sentenced him to seven years in prison. He is still being persecuted in Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang, Hubei Province.

Mr. Rao Xuming, 37 years old, is the former deputy head of the Chengbei Police Station in Yingcheng City. Ever since beginning Falun Gong practice he followed "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," was compassionate to everyone, and did an excellent job at work. He was even elected one of the "Top Ten Extraordinary Youth" of Hubei Province. But because he refused to give up his belief, he has suffered from ruthless persecution since the persecution began on July 20, 1999.

In March 2002, "610 Office" agents and those from the Yingcheng City Police Department sent Mr. Rao to a brainwashing center for a month. In July 2005, Nie Yaoshan, Domestic Security Division leader from the Yingcheng Police Department led others and arrested Mr. Rao. They held him in the Yincheng First Detention Center for up to 18 months. During that period the police fabricated information about him and reported to their upper-level management, intending to sentence Mr. Rao, but it did not materialize for lack of evidence. In January 2007, people from the Police Department suddenly notified Mr. Rao of a three-year term, having sentenced him covertly at the Police Department.

Mr. Rao went on a protest hunger strike to call attention to the illegal sentence. The long-term persecution/mistreatment damaged him physically and psychologically. He was at the brink of death, but police department authorities only accelerated the persecution. Police chief Chen Xian ordered Mr. Rao to be sent to prison on January 15, 2007. Several police officers carried Mr. Rao and forced him into a vehicle, and took him into the Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang, Hubei Province.

Mr. Chu Guanyuan is 60 years old. Someone reported him when he went to Daoqiao Town, Yunmeng County to clarify the facts about the persecution on the morning of June 15, 2007. He was taken to the Daoqiao Police Station in Yunmeng County. Police head Chen Fuqing was promoted to head because he actively persecuted Falun Gong when he was in the Domestic Security Division at the Yunmeng County Police Department. He now is ruthlessly persecuting practitioners. Mr. Chu's eighty-year-old mother knelt in front of Chen Fuqing, imploring him to release Mr. Chu. Police head Chen said, "I am just following the law. We'll sentence him in couple of days."

Mr. Chu Guanyuan was sentenced to forced labor on July 2, 2007. He was sent to the 9th Division of the Shayang Forced Labor Camp in Hubei Province.