Please Help Free My Mother, Ms. Ma Lingxian

( My mother, Ms. Ma Lingxian, is a 55-year-old retired junior high school teacher. She divorced many years ago. She once suffered from low blood pressure, female health problems, dermatitis, and insomnia. It was difficult for her to sleep, and her constant lack of sleep led to chronic fatigue syndrome. She sought various types of medical treatment, but nothing worked; on the contrary, her health only became worse. Several times a month she suffered from flu-like symptoms and had an unstable temperature. Whenever my mother got sick, I became very worried and was unable to focus on my studies. But my mother began practicing Falun Gong in 1998, and all her illnesses soon disappeared. She has not had to enter the hospital or take any medicine or health supplements during her 10 years of practice. My mother is very thankful for Falun Gong. Not only have her physical illnesses disappeared, but her psychological health has also improved. She has been completely transformed.

Practitioner Mr. Guan Ziping from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province Imprisoned for 7 Years

( Mr. Guan Ziping, in his 30s, was a worker at Vinylon Factory in Hekounan Town, Xigu District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. He practices Falun Gong and tries to be a good person. He was illegally arrested by the CCP police and was imprisoned for 7 years, from 2000 to 2007. He was once hung in the air by a pair of handcuffs and tortured for over ten days.

Mr. Liu Yizhi and Ms. Bai Hongzhen Have Been Detained in Prison for Four Months

( On the morning of August 6, 2008, Dafa practitioners Liu Yizhi and Bai Hongzhen were illegally tried at the Xunyang District Court in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials. When their family member4s went to court for the hearing, they were body searched. The trial only lasted less than one hour. After the trial, their families did not hear any news until the 1st of November. Liu Yizhi phoned home telling his family that he had been secretly sentenced to two years in prison; Bai Hongzhen was sentenced to five years. On the 21st of October they were transferred to the Hongdu Prison in Xinjian County.

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