(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I am a veteran practitioner who has practiced Falun Gong since 1996. I would like to write about the greatness of Dafa and Teacher's boundless compassion.

Delivering Truth-clarification Materials

For a period of time in 2000, we had to get our truth-clarification materials from Beijing because we didn't have a local materials production site. At that time, all the bus and train stations in Beijing were strictly monitored by the police, who tried to arrest practitioners. Everyone was required to pass through two police officers who randomly checked bags and asked to see identification cards. On the bus, they would again randomly search people without giving a reason.

One time on a bus, after we had traveled a short distance, two police officers blocked the doors and told everyone that they were conducting a routine check and would be searching everyone's bags. I knew what they were looking for and wondered what to do. I couldn't tell them that I had truth-clarification materials in my bags. Yet lying to them was not the standard of a cultivator. I remembered what Teacher said about not having to say what we didn't want to say. So I made up my mind to not say anything, and that it would be better if they didn't touch my bags. When they were in front of me, I gave them a smile. The police smiled back and didn't search my bags. Instead they searched the bags of the passenger sitting next to me.

We eventually began to set up our own materials production site. I was responsible for delivering materials to be copied, taking care of the copier, color printer, and recorder/cutter, and producing materials to save sentient beings.

Even though fellow Practitioner A didn't have much education, his solid belief in Dafa shone like gold. Once, someone just released from a forced labor camp asked Practitioner A, "Do you think you can really reach Consummation? Since the persecution is so severe and vicious, when can Falun Gong righteously overturn the tide?" Practitioner A firmly answered, "I have never had a thought of Consummation. I only think about how good Falun Gong is and that I must practice it. Even if it takes a hundred years, I must practice it." I was overwhelmed by his honest answer and asked myself, "Would I do the same if the situation should turn out to be that way? Can I be as solid as Practitioner A?"

I shared this experience with other practitioners, who had different understandings. During the persecution at that time, we took the Fa as our Teacher, while learning and cultivating together, and strengthened our unshakable belief in Dafa.

Looking Within While Coordinating

I participated in an experience sharing conference in a different area and realized that I was quite behind in cultivation compared to the practitioners there. Every practitioner's home was a materials production site, and and every practitioner was a coordinator, went out to distribute truth-clarifying materials, and advised people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations. Fellow practitioners in that area did a good job in lessening the evil persecution, but the most wonderful thing they were able to do was establish small Fa-study groups everywhere.

After I returned home, through studying the Fa, I realized my misunderstanding about being a coordinator. "A good coordinator must be a good cultivator, otherwise, without full understanding of the Fa, he or she would influence other fellow practitioners' attachment of fear." In fact, the Fa is there to guide all practitioners, and it is not about what we like or don't like to do--we should just do what the Fa requires of us. Being a coordinator is also a process of cultivating oneself. I am still an ordinary Dafa practitioner, so it is about the kind of effort I put in and not what I can or cannot do.

I developed negative thoughts about some coordinators because of the "rumors" I heard. However, I still participated with them because of the Fa-rectification project. One time, I invited Practitioner D, who is knowledgeable about technical issues, to participate in coordination and discussion with our local coordinators. He refused and said, "I don't like those people." What he said wasn't right and surprised me. Back at home, I thought about it and felt puzzled, since I thought that he usually had a good understanding of the Fa principles. Yet, how could he look down upon fellow practitioners? Obviously, his opinion wasn't up to the Fa's standard. At this time I came to comprehend that I should first look within myself instead of thinking how wrong Practitioner D was. Why did he let me hear this? It was because from the bottom of my heart, I had the same thought. Teacher was using Practitioner D as a mirror for me to reflect on myself and eliminate my hidden attachment. I knew those coordinators should be appreciated for their hard work and sacrifice since they were busy with their everyday work, and still had to study the Fa and coordinate.

Unshakable and Unaffected by the Situation in Human Society

During the Olympic Games, police officers and security guards were everywhere in the city as well as in the small communities completely closed off to outsiders. Elderly men and women took part to act as guards and wore red arm bands. However, all of those human activities did not influence what we had to do.

Practitioner B told me that she was being followed, but I felt that it wasn't possible. I didn't feel that anyone was following me. My understanding at that time was that her mental state wasn't stable. After sharing with her, I advised her to concentrate on studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. In addition, I took whatever materials she had with her and distributed them for her. I told her, "I'm not going to let you acknowledge the persecution and not do anything about it--you have to study the Fa and elevate your xinxing, and then do truth clarification. Have the one who spies on you turn into someone you can save. Then, haven't you who changed a bad situation into a good one?" At that time I thought I was doing the right thing. Now that I look back, I feel that I had a loophole myself. Why didn't I take care of the issue together with Practitioner B? Only sending forth righteous thoughts wasn't enough. I should have worked together with Practitioner B and maybe the result would have been better.

Sometimes I still miss a good opportunity to save sentient beings because my human notions are too strong. In addition, I find that I don't let others say what they want to say, even though I have eliminated the attachment of not letting people talk. I still haven't been able to arrange everything as Teacher requires. It is usually because I only study the Fa for a little bit and this affects the effectiveness of sending forth righteous thoughts. At times I still hold onto the attachment of egotism, not being able to give up my way of comprehension, and I am unable to coordinate things properly. Today, I would like to take the opportunity to summarize my cultivation path and expose my attachments, so I can do the three things well that Teacher requires, follow through with my prehistoric vows, and fulfill what Teacher wants.

Thank you Master for your compassionate protection!

Thank you fellow practitioners who have helped me!