(Clearwisdom.net) On July 4, 2008, agents from the Diaobingshan City Police Department in Liaoning Province arrested practitioner Ms. Hu Ying, hung her up by her handcuffs and beat her mercilessly. On July 6, 2008, Ms. Hu Ying was transferred to the Tieling Detention Center and the persecutors attempted to leave her there. Afraid of being held responsible for Hu Ying's severe injuries, Tieling Detention Center officials sent her back to the Diaobingshan Detention Center on September 29, 2008. Hu Ying subsequently had to rely on urine catheterization every day and was in agony. Surveillance Division chief Zang Jinglin (female) and guard Wang Liqun locked Hu Ying onto the floor with large fetters, and they forbade family visits. No one knows whether or not Hu Ying is still alive.

The following is what Ms. Hu Ying wrote in 2007 about her personal persecution experiences:

Persecuted Three Times in 1999 for Appealing for Falun Gong in Beijing

I was unable to quietly study the Fa and do the exercises in June 1999 as a result of the unceasing harassment from local police and plainclothes security staff, so I decided to appeal in Beijing.

I rested at Zhongshan Park when I arrived, because it was still early. Before long, several armed police officers walked toward me and pushed me into a van. They took me to the Beijing Armed Police headquarters where I saw many practitioners already detained. We were forbidden from moving around, or verbal abuse and beatings would follow. The police called us to register and then transferred us by bus to a stadium.

On arrival we saw police and reporters lined up in two rows, and we walked among them. All the cameras and recorders were on us. Once we got into the stadium the police let us sit in an area on the ground. At around 7:00 p.m, police from the Liaoning Province Liaison Office in Beijing picked us up and took us back to Tieling that same night.

I went to appeal in Beijing again in September 1999. Agents from the Fuyou Street Police Station arrested me and held me for three days and then took me to the Changping Collection Post. The police subjected practitioners who refused to reveal their names to beatings, electric shocks and sleep deprivation. Three days later I was sent back to Tieling City and then illegally detained for 15 days at the city detention center.

In October 1999 I went to Beijing again to appeal and was arrested and taken to the Xichang Detention Center. As soon as I arrived I was compelled to remove all my clothes for a thorough body search. They confiscated my belt, and I had to hold up my pants. I was searched again before entering the cell. Each cell had a head. I was forced to recite the regulations. If I failed, I was deprived of sleep. I then spoke a single sentence with another practitioner, and for this the guard brutally beat me. We eleven practitioners in the cell refused to do the forced labor and practiced the exercises together. The detention center head deceived us by telling us to exercise outside. It was very chilly in November in Beijing, and we all were wearing thin clothes. He ordered the some inmates to handcuff us, and at first we were handcuffed with our hands in the front, but after a while, we were handcuffed backwards, with one hand reaching over the shoulder and connected to the other hand from behind. We remained like this for four hours. Our hands became numb and lacked circulation once the handcuffs were removed. It took more than six months to fully recover.

On November 13, 1999, I was taken back to Tieling City and held in the city detention center. One night, practitioner Zhang Yan and I were on night duty in our cell. She practiced the first four exercise movements while I practiced the fifth exercise. Shortly after, the cell head surnamed Yue woke up and grabbed Zhang Yan's head and forcibly hit it against the wall. Zhang Yan was black and blue and felt dizzy. Then Yue turned toward me. She kicked me to the ground and used her hard plastic shoe sole to fiercely beat my temple. I saw black before my eyes from time to time. Yue didn't stop until she was tired. The next day, division head Liu Zhongchen came to our cell and punished six practitioners. We had to kneel toward the wall and were then beaten with a leather belt. They also used electric batons to shock the center of my feet, not even sparing a practitioner in her sixties. They also tortured Zhang Yan by affixing her onto a metal bed. (It is a kind of torture instrument with one side having a thick iron hoop set on the neck, and the other side locked onto the headboard of the bed.) She couldn't raise her head, and had to lay there all day.

Brutal Persecution in Three Forced Labor Camps

In early December 1999, I received official notice that I was sentenced to one year of forced labor. I was detained in the Tieling Forced Labor Camp together with two other practitioners. As soon as we arrived at the Tieling Forced Labor Camp I was thoroughly searched, and Master's new articles I brought with me were confiscated.

I was transferred to the Liaoyang Forced Labor Camp on January 30, 2000. The guards confiscated all Dafa books. Because I hadn't handed in my books, the deputy division head surnamed Yin slapped me on the face.

We were forced to perform slave labor for twenty hours per day, and we were forbidden to sleep if we didn't finish the quota. In order to achieve their goal of preventing us from doing the Falun Gong exercises we had to work as late as midnight before going to sleep.

The authorities once played a program that slandered Dafa. I didn't watch, so Guard Huo Yan called me out and beat me and then detained me in a small cell. I was made to sit with with my hands holding my knees and not move for an entire day. It was summer, and my buttocks had festered, and blood and pus had become glued to my pants. Whenever I went to use the toilet a layer of bloody scab had to be scratched off.

I was sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp on October 19, 2000, and assigned to the Third Team. Guard Wang Xiaofeng had assigned several people to "transform" me, and they attempted to instill their fallacies and absurd theories in me. After several days, seeing that I wasn't "transformed," they punished me by making me squat for extended periods of time, and deprived me of sleep. This person also urged criminal inmates to beat me. They made me squat and put me in the middle of their circle and pushed and pulled me back and forth. They became more and more excited as they verbally abused me. Criminal Wang Xiuzhi and another criminal surnamed Wang slapped my head and face with books. My lips bled immediately. My face was also swollen, and several bumps rose on my head.

The guards and criminals often lured practitioners to other places to beat them. On one occasion they took Sun Jun to a hotel, kicked her to the floor, rode on top of her and grabbed her head, and hit it on the floor hard. They beat Wang Jianhua (in her fifties) so hard that she needed intravenous injections for a week. Her face was still swollen and the corner of her eyes still purple when she returned. They also frequently abused her physically and deprived her of sleep.

I was released on October 19, 2001.

Imprisoned Once Again at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

In January 2002 someone reported me when I handed out truth-clarification materials. I was sent to the Political and Security Section in Tieling County. A senior police officer called a young policeman to question me. He slapped me on the face because I didn't cooperate. I shouted loudly "Falun Dafa is good!" Then the older officer ordered two husky fellows to beat me. Later, they sent me to the Political and Security Section at the Yinzhou District Police Department.

Once I arrived there, officers Liu Daiying and Yang Dongsheng handcuffed me against a wall, put a plastic bag on my head, then beat me with books. But I still didn't cooperate, so they sent me to the Tieling Detention Center. One night the duty officer saw me do the exercises. I was beaten and they also attempted to lock me up with a chain. Another two practitioners and I resisted together and shouted loudly "Falun Dafa is good!" The guard failed in his attempt. The next day we went on a hunger strike to protest their atrocities, but that led to our being force-fed.

In March 2002, the regime officials sentenced me to three years of forced labor and sent me to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. I was dispatched to the same division where guard Wang Xiaofeng was in charge. Because of her hard work persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, she was promoted to division head.

One morning, a criminal saw me exercising in the cell and reported me to her. She called several people to pull me out. I shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" They pulled me to the office and threw me to the floor. A collaborator removed one of her socks and attempted to gag me with it. I closed my mouth to defy her. Before long Wang Xiaofeng arrived and ordered the criminals to send me to a small cell that had a hard bench. I was handcuffed to each end of the bench and had to sit on it. I was abused in the small cell for 25 days.

On the morning of April 8, 2002, criminal Gong Xiling saw me hand a Dafa article to another practitioner and reported this to guard Xue Feng. I was pulled out again, to the first floor, where they tortured practitioners. I had been handcuffed to the heater for three days. They also had slogans in the room that slandered Master and Dafa. We shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" Criminal Li Qing and Duan and some others came in and used silk ribbon to tie up our mouths. They also put urine-soaked quilts on our heads and used tape to affix it tightly.

Seven days later Wang Xiaofeng dragged me back to the first floor for additional torture. Because I did the exercises, Wang Xiaofeng ordered Li Qing and Duan to tie me backwards on the bed. Then they also forced me to sit on a little plastic stool. From that day to the day of my release I never slept in a bed. Because I had been forced to sit like this for a long time, my arms and legs were swollen.

In this room, Zhang Yunxia, who was in her sixties, was tortured like this for doing the exercises. Practitioner Su Yiwen, who had heart disease and hypertension, was also tortured like this. When the abusers force-fed practitioner Sun Jinjun, they used a spoon to pry her mouth open, which damaged her teeth. They used a wooden block to keep her mouth open for feeding her corn gruel.

On August 22, 2002, the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp held a conference. There were many guards that day that surrounded the conference site. I didn't want to go to the conference, but they forced me to go and taped my mouth shut. Practitioners tried to stand up to speak, but guards kicked the practitioners down and beat them, and pulled them into a building and handcuffed them backwards on heaters. They were also gagged with rags.

After the conference they held me again in a small cell. That cell had nine sections, all filled with the practitioners who stood up to speak that day. Monitors and loudspeakers were installed. They kept broadcasting programs that slandered Master and Dafa from morning to evening. The volume was set to the maximum. There were only two toilet breaks. No baths were allowed. This separate detention lasted thirty days. My feet were swollen so much that the skin seemed to burst. The blood vessels on my feet were a deep red. It was extremely painful to step on the floor. My calves were also swollen and inflamed, as were my hands and arms.

Brutal "Transformation" Persecution

In early December 2002, Masanjia Forced Labor Camp officials launched another round of "transformation" battles. During this period, guards had to live in the camp and could not go home. On December 9, guard Wang Xiaofeng called me and tried to intimidate me into not practicing Falun Gong. I refused. She duped me into going to the first floor and handcuffed me to the heater. She gagged me with a cleaning rag and then taped my mouth shut. The persecutors also shocked me with an electric baton. Shortly after, my hands were bleeding. Then she pulled the tape off my mouth and shocked my lips. I could barely open my mouth after that. Then they shocked the center of my feet. That winter was very cold, but we were forbidden from wearing insulated garments, and guards even opened the windows and doors to make us chilled to the bone.

Two years later, on June 28, 2004, Masanjia Forced Labor Camp officials sent me to the Shenyang Detention Center. Deputy division head Xu Yan was vicious. She force-fed practitioners who held hunger strikes and put a lot of salt into the corn-meal gruel.

In April 2005 I was sentenced to four years in prison. I suffered from torture-induced kidney failure and could not urinate. They sent me to the Liaoning Province Prison Monitoring Hospital where I had a catheter inserted, which remained attached for a month. Regardless, they still insisted on sending me to the Dabei Prison but failed because the "intake team" was on vacation. After coming back, I was mistreated and abused to my last breath while on a hunger strike, so I was released. I weighed only a little over 25 kg (about 55 lb.), and was skeleton-like and could not walk.

Even after I was at home again, Communist Party personnel came to my home daily to harass me. I had no peace. Now I stay away from home to avoid the persecution.