(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher commented on a practitioner's article: "the Fa-power is a reflection of the one body. " ("Do Not Differentiate Between Fa-Rectification Projects; "A Great Way Has No Form" But Exists As a Whole (With Master's Comments)")

I only had a surface understanding of the "forming one body" concept for a long time, but after years of studying the Fa, I finally have a deeper understanding.

I would like to share my experience in rescuing detained practitioners, using the strength of "one body" in the hopes that fellow practitioners will share their thinking on the subject and to encourage those who have not understood the concept completely.

I saw the power of the Fa because of miracles that happened when our area's practitioners cooperated as one body in rescuing detained practitioners. As long as our hearts are one, we can disintegrate the old forces' arrangements, rescue detained practitioners and eliminate the persecution.

Attachment to Results and to Self Worsens the Persecution

In the past, designated practitioners used well-thought out plans to successfully rescue three practitioners from a forced labor camp. We even rescued a practitioner from a different area who was imprisoned for several days. But the successful rescues inflated the egos of some of those involved in the rescue effort. They copied each other's actions and did not consider the participating practitioners' safety. In rescuing practitioners, some of those directly involved in the process searched for some exceptional human ways instead of following the Fa and righteous thoughts. As a result, we suffered great losses.

The evil took advantage of the situation and used these loopholes for persecution. One practitioner was tortured to death. Other practitioners were sentenced to prison terms and many were taken to a forced labor camp and forced to give up the practice. One of the detained practitioners went on a hunger strike. As a result, his health deteriorated and he was in critical condition. Yet, he languished in prison for two years. Once we heard about the detained practitioner's illness, we planned many major rescue operations, but without success. We were puzzled and at a loss as to what had gone wrong. Our minds were deeply affected by the arrests of many of our most diligent practitioners and how it affected the dissemination of the Fa. Our morale was low and we couldn't form one body.

Studying the Fa Diligently, Looking Inward, Forming One Body and Negating the Old Forces

During experience sharing, we realized that the evil had taken advantage of our loopholes and attacked the one body. Practitioners in our area had inflated egos and most of those on the front lines of our rescue efforts were set in their ways, rigid, jealous and unable to come to grips with reality and what had to be done at critical times by the one body. Self cultivation was more important than the needs of other practitioners. Some even went to the extreme in their actions. Practitioners had to look within and eliminate their attachments to worship, jealousy, hate, self-validation, rigidity, fear and egotism. What hindered us also was that most practitioners believed they were practicing diligently because they were doing Dafa work, yet they neglected to look within.

The old forces and evildoers watch for disagreements among practitioners and drive a wedge between them. They want practitioners to stumble and fall. The more damage they can do, the more satisfied the evil will be. Often, practitioners can't see the tricks and reasons behind the persecution and make up stories about the detained practitioners and those on the front lines of the rescue efforts. Yes, the practitioners' original concepts were good; but due to the evil's manipulation, attachments and notions interfered with their judgment.

When practitioners suffer persecution, we shouldn't automatically look for reasons and irresponsibly pass judgment. Regardless of human attachments, practitioners should not be persecuted. What these practitioners really need is our encouragement and compassion. We must send forth the firmest righteous thoughts to stop the evil from further persecuting practitioners.

Studying the Fa diligently, looking within and with the help of the families of the detained practitioners, we realized our shortcomings and developed a new rescue plan. Besides our rescue plan, everyone wrote letters to those authorities perpetrating the horrors. Even if the letters only contained a few words, they had a cumulative positive effect. As we learned more how to cooperate under the one body concept, our rescue efforts improved. Twice, the detention center officials asked detainees' families to sign medical treatment release forms. Some families gave their signature under pressure, but others signed because they were anxious for their loved ones to come home. When practitioners heard the news, some developed zealotry, but others thought that they no longer needed to send righteous thoughts. Some even suggested that the families shouldn't have signed the documents. The detained practitioners had been on a hunger strike for two years. It took two years to eliminate non-practitioners' notions and attachments.

Studying the Fa diligently, looking within and exchanging information about the coordinators and fellow practitioners, we found our own shortcomings and got closer to the one body concept needed for our rescue actions. What hindered us too was that whenever the persecution got worse, we blindly sent righteous thoughts and regarded this more or less as a task that needed to be taken care of. Teacher said:

"Cultivation is about cultivating one's self. No matter what kind of state emerges, you need to take a hard look at yourself." ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital").

Accordingly, all the practitioners who took part in the rescue effort looked within and examined themselves.

Two Main Reasons for Unsuccessful Rescue Efforts

Our notions controlled us during our rescue efforts. Could we then successfully rescue detained practitioners? We didn't treat this as an opportunity to eliminate the evil, save sentient beings, fulfill our historical vow and help Teacher rectify the Fa. When practitioners were persecuted, we mainly focused on the evil, the safety of detained practitioners and the hope to rescue them as early as possible. We failed to realize that the authorities, even though they were controlled and poisoned by the evil forces, are sentient beings that needed to be saved. Even though they committed crimes against Dafa, if we could not treat them with compassion and use our righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil that controlled them, when the Fa rectifies the earth, they would be severely punished. We would not be able to fulfill our Dafa disciples' missions and our responsibilities. Teacher said:

"their purpose is still to save all beings" ("Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts")

In the rescue effort, it's very important to position the relationship between "persecutor and practitioners being persecuted" or "to save or those to be saved." Teacher said:

"Isn't that something only achievable by Dafa disciples taking the initiative to do things? Of course, the evil will never have any chance of success in its attempts to damage the Fa of the cosmos." ("Teaching the Fa at 2002 Fa Conference in Boston")

When facing torture and harassment, we often are fearful and hold hatred. If we clarify the truth with a cultivator's benevolent and compassionate heart, the end result will be different. During the rescue process, we often want to change others' minds and forget about changing ourselves. When we are being threatened by the authorities and told that they won't release detained practitioners, we seldom remember the Fa. We look at the persecution as a normal process and not the evil's forced persecution. Teacher said:

"As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts." ("Teaching the Fa at 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia USA")

"Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring
Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world." (Hong Yin II -- "The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos")

Achieving the One Body Concept Benefits the Rescue of Detained Practitioners

Teacher said:

"Of course, as you go about cultivating, you--who are cultivators--are sure to meet with tests, for you need to elevate. When someone doesn't handle things well, troubles will constantly arise. But those who do handle things well will constantly meet with tests as they cultivate. If you categorically regard all of them as interference and try to resolve the troubles just for the sake of resolving them, then you won't be able to resolve them, because they come about for the sake of your improvement. You should view them with righteous thoughts, [asking yourselves,] "With this trouble I'm facing, what's the correct approach to all that has to do with this interference, and how should I balance it against the goal of saving sentient beings? And how should I go about it in a way that's responsible to sentient beings, and view the occurrence of these things as good grounds for clarifying the truth, or as good opportunities to clarify the truth?" ("Teaching the Fa in Canada, 2006")

After diligent Fa study and deeply understanding the Fa principles, we achieved the one body concept. Practitioners understood that when rescuing detained practitioners, we should at the same time also save other sentient beings. Without feeling resentful and throwing accusations, we treated detained practitioners' matters as our own and sent righteous thoughts in a timely fashion. We learned from our past rescue mistakes. We no longer pursued results, formalities or just doing personal cultivation. We no longer argued or insisted on our points. We just coordinated with those involved in the rescue efforts. Now, the families of the detained practitioners and practitioners work together during rescue efforts. When families ask prison officials for the release of detained practitioners, we send righteous thoughts. This way our results have been positive.

We modified our coordination in the rescue of imprisoned practitioners. We adopted various methods and assigned different duties to individual practitioners. Besides sending righteous thoughts at designated times, 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., practitioners from other areas also sent righteous thoughts at select times. Besides the three things, practitioners also get involved in other projects. For example they gather information, make truth clarification materials, mail letters, collect telephone numbers and addresses for the Minghui website. Some practitioners accompany detained families to the detention center when they ask for the release of the detained practitioner. Practitioners always keep materials and glue at hand, so they can hang posters and do truth clarification about Falun Gong and its persecution.

We matured, harmonized with each other, communicated well, and advanced together individually and for the sake of the one body. We successfully rescued practitioners, and presented the magnificence of Falun Dafa and the power of one body. I finally realized another meaning of what Teacher said,

"Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master " (Zhuan Falun)

As long as we maintain our pure hearts and support each other, miracles can happen.

When reflecting on our past successes and failures, we realized that the closer we are to the end of the Fa rectification, the stricter the requirements for Dafa disciples. When everything falls into place, the one body produces the mighty power of Dafa.

Please kindly point out any improper thought I hold on the above subject matters.