(Clearwisdom.net) The Xian Worker's Sanatorium (Xian Worker's Hospital) has persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners since 2001. Brainwashing sessions for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners were established by the Xian Public Security Bureau and Safety Bureau under the guidance of the Xian 610 Office. Xian 610 Office Brainwashing Center was located in the Shanxi Province Worker's Sanatorium before 2001.

The Xian Public Security Bureau has delivered orders to its subordinates that Falun Dafa practitioners arrested by public security sub-bureaus and police stations are no longer to be questioned at their local area, but must be sent to brainwashing centers. The centers have been turned into places where confessions are forced using torture.

The Xian Worker's Sanatorium is divided into two gardens. One is called the "Osmanthus Garden" and the other one is the "Palm Garden." The "Osmanthus Garden" is a brainwashing center established and monitored by the Xian 610 Office. Here, Chinese Communist Party members force practitioners to watch videos and read books that defame Falun Dafa, write statements of "transformation," and conduct continual mental torture. They lock practitioners in small solitary cells, deprive them of sleep, subject them to exposure to high intensity light, threaten them, bombard them with propaganda, physically assault them, and put debilitating psychotropic drugs into their food. One male practitioner in his 20's became unable to walk after being persecuted. The authorities force practitioners to pay for the expenses incurred during persecution. Some practitioners' relatives were extorted of huge amounts of money in exchange for the practitioners' release.

The "Palm Garden" was a place temporarily set up to detain Falun Dafa practitioners during the Para-Olympic Games. Several dozen Dafa practitioners were detained there during that period. They released several Dafa practitioners after the games, but the majority were transferred to the "Osmanthus Garden." They have not been released to this day.

The "Palm Garden" has now become a place where the Public Security Bureau secretly detains and questions people. The guards there are plainclothes public security personnel, and the windows and curtains are kept shut. The practitioners there are cut off from the outside world, suffering various tortures such as wearing handcuffs and shackles or having their hands cuffed behind their backs for long periods of time. Practitioners are sent to forced labor or torture at the whim of the public security officers there.

In September 2005, the National Security Team leader for Yanta Public Security Sub-Bureau of Xian City, Yan Meiming, and Dou Xiaozhou ransacked Ms. Li Changying's home and arrested her. They then sent her to the Changan District Worker's Sanatorium. The guards in the brainwashing center took turns threatening her and attempting to trick her. Later they locked her up in Yanta Detention Center for three months, and then sent her for two years of forced labor re-education in the Xian Women's Forced Labor Camp. Not long after that, Li Changying suffered a recurrence of her old illnesses. Her abdomen and legs suffered from severe swelling, so the labor camp released her.

After she was released, Li Changying became a key person for the Hongyan Community Office to monitor. Chen Shuping, the head of the community, repeatedly monitored and harassed her and her family. After eight years of persecution by the CCP, Li Changying passed away on August 31, 2007.

In February 2004, Ms. Li Zhirong was arrested by the Lianhu Public Security Sub-Bureau and sent to a brainwashing center for over five months. In 2007, police from the State Security Team of Lianhu Sub-Bureau ransacked Li Zhirong's home. They confiscated a lot of Falun Dafa materials and kept her at the brainwashing center for over twenty days.

Not long before the Olympic Games, seven or eight policemen from the National Security Team rushed into Li Zhirong's home and ransacked the place. They took 66-year-old Li Zhirong to the brainwashing center. That was the ninth time she had been arrested by the police.

Ms. Liu Jing, 75, was a physician-in-charge in Xidian Hospital before her retirement. She lives at Renjiazhuang Residential District in Xian City. On March 17, 2008 in the afternoon, CCP members arrested her and took her to the Xian Brainwashing Center in Changan District.

Ms. Jin Rong, 35, was a staff member of the Lishan Electronics Company in Lintong. In August 2002, she was arrested and sent to the brainwashing center at Xian Worker's Sanatorium in Changan County. She endured two stays at the brainwashing center because she refused to renounce her belief. In 2003 before the Chinese New Year, because her workplace refused to bail her out and she refused to be "transformed," people from the public security bureau went to her dormitory and found over 30 truth-clarifying DVDs and printed materials. For that, they sent her for one-year of forced labor.

In mid-October 2003, over twenty Falun Dafa practitioners were detained at the brainwashing center in Xian Worker's Sanatorium at Changan District. The brainwashing sessions lasted three months, but Chen Jie and five other Dafa practitioners were not released because they refused to cooperate.

Xian Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Aiying was reported when distributing truth-clarifying materials in the Armed Police Hospital. The police arrested her and sent her to the local 610 Office. Later, she was taken away by Xinchen Sub-Bureau police officer Zhou Xiaoyu. On April 10, she was sent to Xian Brainwashing Center in Xian Worker's Sanatorium.

Ms. Zhao Jiabi, 70, worked in the fifth department of Xian Public Security Bureau before she retired. Around March 10, 2008, she was taken to the Xian Brainwashing Center at Changan District.

Ms. Zhou Yating, in her forties, is from Hu County, Xian City. The local 610 Office has continually harassed her because she refuses to give up Falun Gong. She was repeatedly arrested and sent for forced labor. Her husband divorced her because he couldn't bear the pressure. She had no place to go, so she had to become homeless. Because she had no income, sometimes she had no food to eat for several days. She was again arrested and taken to Xian Brainwashing Center in Changan County during the Para-Olympic Games. On September 7, she was sent from "Osmanthus Garden" to "Palm Garden" in handcuffs, walking with great difficulty due to all that she has suffered. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Mr. Qu Xuan, in his thirties, is from Xian City. Because he refused to stop practicing Falun Gong, he was forced to leave home and find a job in Guangzhou after graduating from college. In July 2008, the Guangzhou 610 Office sent him back to the Changan County Brainwashing Center in Xian City. He is still detained to this day.

Ms. Zhou Yanping, in his thirties, is from Yanliang District, Shanxi Province. In 2007, she was arrested when clarifying the facts about Falun Gong. Because she refused to stop practicing Falun Gong, she was sent to Shanxi Women's Forced Labor Camp for a one-year term. In July 2008, the 610 Office sent her again to the Changan Brainwashing Center in Xian City in order to "transform" her. She has not been released to this day.

Ms. Chen Cuizhen, 56, is a retired worker of the Weihe Electric Factory in Xian. She was sent for forced labor three times because she refused to give up Falun Gong. In April 2007, she was again sent for one year and three months of forced labor. In 2008, the 610 Office sent her to the Changan Brainwashing Center one day before her scheduled release. She has not been released to this day.

Ms. Luo Changyun, 55, is from Ankang City, Shanxi Province. She was repeatedly arrested and sent for forced labor because she refused to give up Falun Gong. The Ankong 610 Office arrested her again during the Para-Olympic Games, and she is still detained at the Ankong Detention Center.

The following Falun Dafa practitioners have been arrested and sent to brainwashing centers since 2001:

Nie Aiju, Zhang Xiuying, Du Ju, Chen Cuizhen, Liao Min, Lu Xiuling, Cui Meilian, Zhang Mingliang, Chen Fayuan, Liu Aiying, Xu Zhili, Wang Jiali, Li Guiqing, Chen Mingan, Li Guilan, Li Zhirong couple, Wang Tong, Wang Dong, Huang Rujun, Yan Anfang, Zhou Yanping, Su Haiping, Li Heping, Wang Juan, Jiang Weidong, Qi Ping, Li Xueqing, Zhou Suying, Zhang Xianglian, Song Zhi, Xuan Yanru, Zhang Yunxian, Lan Lan, Chen Baifang. Among them, Chen Cuizhen and Zhang Xianglian were again sent back to Shanxi Women's Forced Labor Camp from the brainwashing center.

Xian Changan County Brainwashing Center, Osmanthus Garden Office: 86-29-85630990
Director of Xian Worker's Hospital (Xian Worker's Sanatorium): Niu Dezhi
Party secretary of Xian Worker's Hospital: Zhang Deheng
Head of Xian Brainwashing Center: Li Liang: 86-29-85631564, 86-13379269275 (Cell)
Police from State Security Team: Yan Meiming, Gao Xinya, Jia Shanhong, Ding Moumou, etc: 86-29-85631451, 86-29-85631410, 86-13325452409 (Cell), 86-13891816598 (Cell), 86-13227700509 (Cell), 86-13474350703 (Cell), 86-15829315694(Cell), 86-13488278941 (Cell), 86-13389288160 (Cell), 86-13363926036 (Cell), 86-13772484107 (Cell)
Head of Xian Municipal Party Committee 610 Office, Xu Wanchun: 86-29-87264011 (Office), 86-29-84396073 (Home), 86-13700291931 (Cell)
Director and Party Secretary of Xian Public Security Bureau, Ding Jian: 29-87251333 (Office)