(Clearwisdom.net) A few small districts in Shenyang City are home to the families of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) judicial system. These areas are where the prisons and forced labor camps that hold Falun Gong practitioners are located and are also home to the families of all levels of police and prison guards that work there. Due to the relentless lies and misinformation propagated over the years by the CCP, the residents of these areas knew very little about Falun Gong or the truth about the persecution, and they hated Falun Gong practitioners out of hand. In the past, practitioners did distribute truth-clarification materials and display banners in these areas, but almost every time they were reported to the authorities by the local residents and many times were put in dangerous situations. Some friends and relatives among these residents were practitioners that explained the facts face-to-face to the residents, but to no avail. The residents even thought that only the elderly practiced Falun Gong.

Some of the local practitioners became so disappointed that they lost the confidence to try to save the residents, with the result that, in certain places, no one clarified the truth there for two to three years.

Only recently, local practitioners that were out explaining the facts about the persecution learned that some of the residents had already quit the CCP because they had received phone calls from overseas Falun Gong practitioners. The residents had understood the truth and entrusted the overseas practitioners to help them quit the different organizations of the CCP. Although some of them did not quit right away, the overseas practitioners' truth clarification efforts laid a good foundation, and the residents quit right away when local practitioners broached the subject in person.

Overseas practitioners' kind and compassionate words, free from CCP culture, have had an immeasurable impact on the hearts and minds of these residents. When residents told us about the calls they received, they sighed and said, "Before, we listened to the [Party's] propaganda and thought that the whole world opposed Falun Gong and that only Chinese people practiced Falun Gong. Now we really know the truth." One of the residents said that she received a phone call from a British Falun Gong practitioner, and that the practitioner's voice was so beautiful and the practitioner spoke so clearly that she wished she could have listened longer.

When some residents got the truth clarification phone calls they even offered suggestions. One resident said, "Please persevere in calling Chinese people." A common response to a first-time truth clarification phone call would be that the person would dare not listen out of fear. The second time, the person would only listen for a little while and then hang up. The third time, they not only listened but also told the overseas practitioners that they wanted to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.