By Sue Yang, a young practitioner in Heilongjiang Province, for the Fifth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Falun Dafa Practitioners in China

( I am an 11-year old-practitioner in the sixth grade. Ever since I can remember, I have been studying the Fa and practicing the Falun Gong exercises with my mother. Occasionally, I'd skip study and practice, using excuses such as, I am a young practitioner and don't really need to practice as hard as older practitioners. After several years, I had slacked off in my cultivation and felt unable to keep up with the Fa-rectifications progress. Occasionally, I felt that Teacher was showing me some of the miracles of Dafa to encourage me to be more diligent with Fa practice. Although I had wanted to study it more seriously, I just couldn't let go of the old attachment to sentimentality; therefore, I was unable to perform well the three things that our Teacher has emphasized. I had tried to write an experience sharing article once before for the Fifth Internet Experience Sharing, but this is the first time I really wanted to write my own cultivation experience to share with fellow practitioners. Perhaps writing is easier for other practitioners, but it wasn't that easy for me. There are no words to describe how excited I felt because this was the first significant step I had ever taken in my cultivation practice.

In my memories from early childhood, I recall that my home used to be a local Falun Gong practice site; I would study the Fa and practice the exercises with other practitioners. I often received praise from other practitioners because I was very precise in reading Teacher's book, Zhuan Falun, just as I had been taught. After I started school, my language teacher told my mother: "Your daughter can recognize many characters." My mother told my teacher that I had learned this from reading Fa materials. I was born premature. After I was about a year old, it was clear that I was not developing at the same rate as my peers. But when I began attending school, I was top of my class. My teacher often praised me! My mother and I attribute my dramatic progress to studying the Fa.

When I was in fourth grade, I was selected as a broadcaster for the school radio news program. Naturally, I was very excited, but when I went home, my mother "poured a bucket of cold water on me" and said, "How could you be helping the evil broadcast the news?" She told me to turn the offer down, but then she changed her mind and said, "There is nothing coincidental when it comes to cultivation. You should make good use of this great opportunity to broadcast Dafa's information; it will be a good way to save more sentient beings and reverse it to be a good deed!" My mother and I were so excited after enlightening to this fact! All my broadcasting materials came from "Zhengjian Weekly," a program produced by Dafa practitioners. Each time, I would start a half hour earlier in the morning. The broadcast reached far, allowing nearby neighborhoods to hear it. Students all came very early to school, before the gatekeeper usually opened the gate, so they could hear my broadcast as they waited outside. (There are no speakers in the classrooms and the sounds from outside are not heard very clearly inside the class rooms.) I attributed this to Teacher's helping hand!

There were few other students who wanted to help me with the broadcast, but even still I didn't want them to broadcast anything related to Dafa because I was concerned that my school wouldn't allow it. But then later, I gave some of the broadcasting materials to them after my mother and I realized this would be a great opportunity to save them.

After a while, these students all had reached a better understanding of Dafa and they all renounced their membership with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I thank Teacher for his benevolence and compassion for making these arrangements!

My mother said that when I was about a year old, I was sick at least once or twice a month before she started practicing Falun Gong. After she started the practice, I hardly ever got sick again. I did remember one time when I was passing a sickness-karma test; I had a fever around 40 oC (104 oF) with a severe headache and vomiting. My father wanted to send me to the hospital but my mother said, "Let the child make her own decision." I told them I didn't want to go to the hospital, for I knew this was karmic retribution. I had struggled almost all night while my mother read the Fa to me. The very next day happened to be our final examinations at school. I felt so dizzy and didn't even remember how I got through the tests; but when the answers came out, I got two "100" scores. Naturally, my mother was elated and said this was Teacher's reward for me passing the retribution test! My father was convinced. I knew Dafa was omnipotent and Teacher is compassionate and venerable. With this encouragement, I wanted to strive forward with my Fa learning. I still had a small attachment within me, however, and that was to become prettier and smarter!

I remember vividly how jealous I felt about another practitioner's brother. His Celestial Eye was well-developed and he was able to see magnificent scenes in other dimensions. I had always thought that I was far superior than he is when it comes to studying the Fa. I could recite many of Teacher's articles - why then could I not have my Celestial Eye open too? I continued to hold onto this attachment and hoped that one day my Celestial Eye would open and supersede his. One day while I was studying the Fa, one section of the Fa stood out to me:

"Still, some people seek to open the Celestial Eye. The more they practice for this,
The more unlikely it is to open. What's the reason? They have no idea themselves.
It is mainly because the Celestial Eye cannot be pursued; the more one desires, the less one obtains." ("The Issue of the Celestial Eye" from Zhuan Falun

These words shook me, and I knew that I should believe in Teacher and not pursue the Celestial Eye anymore.

When I was about 10, my mother was taken away by evil policemen. This was my first separation from my mother. In addition to feeling lonely and scared, I had to endure pressure from within. I didn't even know where the courage came from, for I hadn't shed a single tear! Each time I visited my mother, my father wanted me to convince her to give up practicing the Fa and come home but I never mentioned it to her. Other practitioners praised me for being strong. Afterward, my mother told me that her Fa study had laid the foundation for my courage and strength. On the eve of the Olympics, my mother was kidnapped again. This time my father and I, together with other practitioners, sent forth righteous thoughts. Soon after that, my mother escaped from the jail and came home. Privately, I felt elated that I had done the most sacred thing a Dafa cultivator should do; save other practitioners and save each and every sentient being. The feeling was great!

Another event which made me so proud of myself was after the very first time I went out to deliver truth-clarification materials with my mother. She was doing it so efficiently, but I just couldn't imitate her, so my mother said, "Just put it in the doorway slowly." Mother tried to hurry me but I just couldn't do it. At home, Mother asked me, "Are you scared - is that why you did it so slowly?" I told her that I wasn't scared, just excited. But after she mentioned it, I realized I did feel a little scared! After that thought, my mother said to me, "You did a great job, your slowness was Teacher's way of pointing out to me that my behavior lacked the solemn action I needed when I was delivering the materials." I was elated. There was finally something that I could do better than my mother did!

I have a little plan to encourage my friends to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations but have not made up my mind yet as to how I was going to do it. I was hoping with this Fifth Internet Experience sharing, and with Teacher's help, I can accomplish my goal. The above article is part of my cultivation experience that I wanted to share.