Revered Master! Fellow practitioners!

In what follows I want to report on my experience in cultivation, while installing reception equipment for NTDTV. Please point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.

Towards the end of 2006, I started learning how to install NTDTV reception systems, in support of Fa-validation. Fellow practitioners have been putting more emphasis on this task as the area of coverage expanded. This was a wonderful opportunity for sentient beings to understand the truth and be saved. It was also a reflection of Master's compassion, offering more opportunities to sentient beings.

NTDTV is Effective in Providing the Truth

A fellow practitioner in my neighborhood had installed NTDTV. Her husband is not a practitioner, and was not convinced that there was anything wrong with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After he watched NTDTV for some time, he began to understand the meaning of human rights and freedom of speech. He realized that what he was told by the CCP was not the truth, and he took it upon himself to convince all his brothers and sisters to do the "three withdrawals" (withdraw from the CCP and/or its affiliated organizations, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers), and spread the facts to his other relatives and friends.

Another practitioner's husband did not understand what Dafa was about, and he was opposed to her passing out truth-clarification materials. One day she installed an NTDTV system while he was not home and he chastised her for it. She firmly sent forth righteous thoughts to remove the evil in other dimensions, the real source of the problem. After a short time, while she was watching NTDTV, he also began to watch. Through the shows and news reports, he came to understand that the CCP was lying most of the time, and he told his wife, "What you are doing is right. Feel free to do what you want, but pay attention to your safety." There are a many more cases like these. NTDTV has been most valuable in spreading the facts to the public and allowing many to wake up.

Removing Attachments While Promoting NTDTV

My daily routine involves conducting business in the morning and near noon I buy the parts needed for installations. After lunch I do the installations. While installing the systems, I receive many calls about reception problems. Many of these problems are end-user problems.

In the beginning when fellow practitioners called for repair and adjustments, I reacted calmly. However, when these calls became more frequent, I began to complain, " Why call me for minor adjustments that you should be able to figure out yourself? Why not contact someone living closer to you?"

I was looking externally to explain the negative feelings that were inside my own mind. Master said in "Solid Cultivation" from Hong Yin,

"Study Fa, obtain Fa,
Compare in studying, compare in cultivating,
Examine each and every deed,

Accomplishing is cultivating."

Negative reactions are indications that I failed to really put the Fa into practice. All my family members are practitioners, and I have a good cultivation environment. I can view most of the daily matters from the standpoint of the Fa, but when it comes to my attachments, it is a painful affair. It seemed that on the surface, the cause of my problems was too many maintenance jobs and installations, which in turn added to my financial burden. Actually, this was an opportunity to remove my attachment to money, improve my character, and use righteous thoughts to remove interference. (When the financial difficulty occurred due to my attachment at the beginning, I didn't know that was the cause.) In life, we need money. There is nothing wrong with needing and procuring money to live. Cultivation in Dafa however, is dealing with the mind. We must not get attached to money.

My own situation was that I needed money to send my children to school. The small amount of savings we had was dwindling, and I felt the need to cut expenses. This human way of thinking was causing difficulties in my business as well. At the same time, the number of NTDTV installations was rising rapidly. Many of the installations were out of town, which added more expense and time.

In the past my children asked my wife for money, but now she was telling them to ask me. After I gave my children money, I had a lot of difficulty calming down. I realized that whatever happened was no accident. The cause had to be in me.

"As a Dafa disciple, when you can truly do well, I think your troubles won't be as absolute as they look to you. It's because when you can't look at things from the Fa, everyday people's troubles are just everyday people's troubles. In the eyes of human beings things don't change, but in the eyes of Gods all of this changes. You're troubled, and Master is troubled for you too--I'm troubled that you haven't let go of your attachments and that you haven't reached a high level of understanding of the Fa, and that when you resolve one problem you create new problems. (Sigh) This isn't criticism! Everything Master says is Fa." ("Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference")

My wife's and my actions had created pressure for our children. In the past the children usually asked me for ten to twenty yuan. This time they asked for over one hundred yuan and they felt uneasy about this. I reacted calmly and a sense of peace came upon me. A thought came to mind... How could a minor thing like this move me? I gave them the money with a smile. I was laughing at the attachment I had and the use of this approach by the evil forces on my family. From that day onward I no longer looked at this matter as a burden and regained my peace of mind.

European Satellite Issue

This is the second time that NTDTV communications have been interrupted. The practitioners in China should really think through this issue. There is no question that the CCP has a hand in it, and so do the old forces in other dimensions. For Dafa practitioners what are the issues? The following are my personal understandings of the issues:

1. After restoration of the NTDTV signal the first time, Dafa practitioners didn't spread the facts to enough people.

2. We didn't persist in sending forth righteous thoughts to clean out the evil forces in other dimensions.

3. We allowed threats from the CCP to cause uneasiness in the minds of some practitioners regarding the installation of NTDTV, giving rise to an opportunity for the evil forces to step in.

4. The percentage of Dafa practitioners with NTDTV is not large enough to form a powerful field of righteousness.

5. The installers did not always have righteous thoughts and peaceful mindss. When interference occurred during an installation, there was a tendency to complain.

6. Practitioners from different districts had difficulties in coordination. Only a few practitioners participated in the installation work. The efficiency was low.

Using NTDTV to spread the facts is very effective. Practitioners should put more emphasis on this tool. Although we currently have no signal from the European satellite, we firmly believe,

"Fa-rectification is sure to succeed, and Dafa disciples are sure to achieve Consummation." ("Greetings," 2008)

Of course, we also believe that NTDTV is sure to succeed. In China we can receive NTDTV Asia from Taiwan. We have no excuse for not doing what practitioners should. We should not put a greater burden on Master and end up with regrets. By learning our lessons, let us move toward maturity in our cultivation, do better in Fa-validation, and save more sentient beings.