Mr. Hsie Li-fa, a renowned painter, art critic, and writer, said, "The DPA show is of high caliber, with full-hearted and enthusiastic performances. I have never seen such a performance before. Some of the selections are about celestial beings and the Buddha's world. It is really a show from Heaven!"

Mr. Hsie Li-fa: "It is really a show from Heaven!"

He continued, "In my opinion the performance is well suited for the general public. Audiences can enjoy the dancing and music. The performance is like a prose piece with paragraphs. Each paragraph has a subject that relates to spiritual belief, Chinese traditional culture, and legends."

Mr. Tsao Fu-yong, Director of the Opera Troupe of the Taiwan Opera Special School, had high praise for the Spectacular. He said, "I think that DPA's performance preserves Chinese traditional culture and the pure values of humanity. The first half of the show promotes culture and suggests that modern people should walk out of depression. The second half presents vivid life and encouragement."

Mr.Tsao Fu-yong, Director of the Opera Troupe of the Taiwan Opera Special School, praised the show

Mr. Kao Yi-san, renowned opera choreographer, was enthused after the show, "You see that DPA's performance includes cultural elements of the Han, Man, Mongolian, Hui, and Tibetans. It was touching performance. The DPA director must have a deep understanding of Chinese culture."

Renowned opera choreographer was impressed by the show

Mr. Kao continued, "The show presented Chinese culture through traditional stories and impressed the audience deeply. I have seen many foreign performances but none of them is as profound as this one. The programs are touching and nearly moved me to tears."

Mr. Kao Jun-lin, 80 years old, has researched Peking Opera and dance since 1949. His students have gone on to be professors and professionals in these areas. He designed a complete curriculum in Peking Opera techniques for the National Fu Hsing Dramatic Arts Academy, Lu Guang Dramatic Arts Academy, National Institute of the Arts, Chinese Culture University, and Hai Guang Dramatic Arts Academy. Mr. Cao said, "The DPA's performance was a comprehensive presentation of art, including choreography, music, and acting. It was totally about Chinese culture, without any elements from foreign countries. Ethnic groups like the Han, Manchu, Mongolian, and Tibetan were all represented. I've lived in Taiwan for so many years, and I've never seen a dance performance as good as this."

Peking Opera Master Mr. Kao Chun-lin: "I've never seen a dance performance as good as this."

(To be continued)