(Clearwisdom.net) First, I'd like to send my greetings to compassionate and great Teacher and to my fellow practitioners all over the world through the Fifth Internet Cultivation Experience Sharing of Falun Dafa Practitioners in China.

I am a practitioner from Yanbian city. I started practicing on August 23, 1995. In the fall of 2003, I set up a truth-clarification materials production site. Before that, I distributed materials and put up banners. I used to go to another practitioner's place to obtain the materials. One day I went there, and the practitioner said, "We don't have any materials any more. The practitioner who produced the materials was arrested. We have a computer and a printer. If you want them, you can take them." I knew nothing about computers, so I discussed the situation with my sister-in-law, who is also a practitioner. She said, "Yes, let's take them." We took the computer and printer home. Due to the persecution of practitioners, we couldn't find any practitioner to teach us how to use the equipment. I spent several nights learning basic computer techniques from a computer savvy person. Then I taught myself how to enter Chinese characters into the computer using Pinyin (Chinese phonetic system). In this way, we established our materials production site.

We overcame many difficulties such as how to operate the machines, how to edit and arrange articles, etc. Also we couldn't find a practitioner to teach us how to access the Minghui/Clearwisdom website. When we first printed out six copies of the Minghui Weekly, we were so excited--finally we could do it! It all came from Dafa. Teacher helped us.

In the past several years, I encountered tribulations, set-backs, and persecution. Through all of these, I was still improving my technical skills. So far, I have helped my fellow practitioners set up eight other production sites. I also learned how to do simple trouble-shooting and maintenance tasks such as changing toner cartridges. I know that the reason I gained these abilities is because of the wisdom I obtained from Dafa.

Enlightening to the Importance of Fa Study

We all know the principles of studying the Fa and cultivating xinxing. But oftentimes, when a specific issue arose, we didn't treat it from the standpoint of the Fa. In May 2004, I was busy with various truth-clarification projects and neglected to study the Fa diligently. One day, when I went out to hang a truth-clarification banner, I was arrested by the local police. I was released after 57 days in detention.

After I came home, I didn't look inward to determine how I could cultivate better. I immediately went back to producing informational materials. During that period, I often ran into problems when printing. I didn't realize that those machines behave according to our xinxing level. I tried very hard to solve the problems technically. Only later did I realize that I encountered problems because I had slacked off in Fa study and needed to study more. Now I understand the deeper meaning of having small-scale material sites.

Teacher told us in Zhuan Falun:

"As practitioners, in the course of cultivation there are so many attachments to be relinquished, such as the mentality of showing off, jealousy, the competitive mentality, and zealotry. Many different attachments must be discarded."

When we don't study the Fa well, and do Dafa work just for the sake of doing it, we cannot eliminate attachments. On the contrary, the attachments will appear one after another: the mentality of showing off, jealousy, the competitive mentality, or the attachment to doing things. Because I didn't look inward, I had a lot of attachments. In 2006, I was arrested again. This time, the police took away our machines, extra parts, and cash, which amounted to over 100,000 yuan. I was devastated. I felt that I couldn't face Teacher and fellow practitioners. At the detention center, I didn't want to eat. I thought to myself: How can I continue to cultivate? I would rather not do Dafa work than do it poorly. Only after I faltered, did I feel the pain. This big blow awakened me.

At the detention center, every day I strengthened my righteous thoughts by studying, reciting, and copying Teacher's lectures. I sent righteous thoughts to ask for Teacher's help and to eliminate interference around me. I went on a hunger strike for 10 days to protest the persecution and was released. When I got home, I cried tears of regret. I became determined to cultivate myself well to make up for the losses. I told myself, going forward, I need to study the Fa well and be strict with myself all the time. I will always look inward, and I will never deviate from the Fa when doing Dafa work.

Predestined People

One time my bicycle broke down, so I took it to a repair shop to get it fixed. After I paid the person who fixed my bike, I wanted to talk to him about withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. However, there were three other people in the room, and I was a little worried that the repair person might not accept my words; so I left without saying anything. When I tried to unlock my bike, the key broke in half. What happened? I realized that Teacher wanted me to go back and save the repair person. I went back to get a new key, and saw that the other people had left the shop. I told the repair person that he was fortunate and asked him whether he was a member of the Young Pioneers or Youth League. I told him that when the big earthquake in Sichuan province happened, people who withdrew from the CCP and its affiliated organizations were the people that survived. He listened to me carefully and agreed to withdraw from the CCP organizations. I also gave him a brochure about Dafa.

Another time, when I was buying dried chilies at the market, I told the vendor about the CCP's evil nature and why we need to withdraw from it. He told me that he came from the south and had heard about people withdrawing from the CCP. He said he was still a party member and hadn't withdrawn from it yet. He said he understood why people should quit the Party after hearing what I told him. I smiled, and told him that withdrawing from the CCP would save him in the future.

When I went back outside, I couldn't find the bicycle chain lock. I returned to the vendor's booth and saw him reading out loud what was written on a ten-Yuan note: "Withdrawing from the CCP is good. Withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations can help save one's life." When he saw me approaching, he put the bill in his pocket. I asked him whether he had seen my chain lock. He looked around, but didn't find it. Just then a person rushed out from the booth, and asked me: "Where is your organization?" I told him that there was no organization. He told me that he had heard about withdrawing from the CCP a while ago but couldn't find a person to do it for him. He also told me that he joined the CCP when he was in the army. I felt relieved. Thanks to Teacher's arrangement, I helped another person withdraw from the Party.

At the end of Teacher's "Fa-Teaching Given to Australian Practitioners", Teacher stressed that there was one thing he was still concerned about: practitioners needed to look inward when encountering problems. Whenever I thought of what Teacher had said and his facial expression, I felt ashamed. I've been cultivating for over 12 years. However, many times I would look at other people's faults instead of looking at myself. I didn't treat myself as a true practitioner. I realized that I must improve at doing well all the things we're supposed to do as practitioners so we can fulfill our vows in the Fa-rectification period.

The Minghui/Clearwisdom website is the most important place for practitioners to obtain Dafa news. I hadn't understood this in the past. Now that I understand its importance, I need to support it. My first article submitted to the Minghui website filled a gap in my years of cultivation.