(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Sun Yinghui is from Jinzhou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. At 10 a.m. on September 14, 2008, a dozen people broke into a shop owned by an elderly lady. Ms. Sun Yinghui was at the shop and they arrested her. One of them was a police officer from the Longwangmiao Police Station. Later Ms. Sun learned that this arrest was planned and coordinated by officers from the Jinzhou Police Bureau and the Longwangmiao Police Station.

After they put Ms. Sun in a police van and drove away, she noticed that the car was not heading toward the Longwangmiao Police Station, so she questioned the officers. No one answered.

They took her to the Wanli Police Station. Two officers searched her. One of them asked her if she knew why she was arrested. She said she did not know. Several officers took her deposition. They asked her whether she practiced Falun Gong and said things that slandered this spiritual practice. Ms. Sun told them that was her belief and nobody should interfere. Officers from the Longwangmiao Police Station and the Wanli Police Station took turns interrogating her.

One officer asked, "Do you know why you are here? Two months ago Yuan Zhihui reported you, but what she said wasn't enough for an arrest. This time you were arrested because you are in trouble. You'd better confess right away." (Note: Officers from the Longwangmiao Police Station arrested Ms. Yuan Zhihui on June 17, 2008, and took her to the Fushun Brainwashing Center. She was released a month later but Dalian City Public Safety Bureau officers immediately imprisoned her in elsewhere. Her whereabouts are unknown.)

The police then asked Ms. Sun whether she knew Ms. Li Xin and her husband. (Note: Officers from Wanli Police Station arrested Ms. Li Xin on August 19, 2008. She was released later. Her husband, Mr. Miao Junjie, was sentenced to a nine-year term and is now in Nan'guanling Prison in Dalian City.)

When the police asked Ms. Sun how she obtained her Falun Dafa materials, Ms. Sun realized they had illegally searched her home and confiscated her belongings. After they arrested her, they confiscated her laptop, all her Falun Dafa books, and an MP4 player.

Ms. Sun refused to answer any questions during the interrogation. The police threatened her and tried to entice her to answer. They said that if she cooperated, she would be released soon, otherwise there would be worse to come.

The interrogation continued until the evening. At this time, Xu Yungang, a staff member of the 610 Office of the Kaifa District Public Safety Bureau, arrived. It was Xu who ordered the arrests of Ms. Li Xin, Liu Hairong, and Xiao Fang. Xu's photo was published on the Internet by Falun Gong practitioners. Xu was humiliated and angered. He threatened and screamed hysterically at Ms. Sun. At the same time he slandered Falun Dafa. He left at 11 p.m. but was back early the next day. Xu threatened to arrest Ms. Sun's parents-in-law and her child. Seeing that she would not bend, Xu took her to a gym, handcuffed her, grabbed her hair, pushed her to the ground, and hit her brutally with an unknown object. It was said that the object would not leave any visible injury if one got hit with it.

Ms. Sun was in severe pain and almost lost consciousness. As Xu was beating her, three people stood there watching. Xu was not able to get any confession from Ms. Sun and had police from the Longwangmiao Police Station take her home.

This arrest traumatized Ms. Sun mentally and physically and caused her family tremendous suffering. Her father-in-law, who has thrombosis and is bedridden, was terrified and cried after seeing Ms. Sun. Ms. Sun's mother was shocked by the sudden arrest and almost collapsed mentally. Her child was very scared and had a severe headache and numbness in the lower body. Her child had to go to a hospital and take off from school. Later Ms. Sun went to Longwangmiao Police Station to ask for her property back. Director Yang Fumeng yelled at her and threatened to arrest her again.

All those involved in the persecution of Ms. Sun:

Kaifa District Public Safety Bureau



Phone Numbers

Fan Qian,


86-411-88969060 (Bureau phone number)

Xu Yungang



Wanli Police Station in the Kaifa District

Name and Position


Phone Numbers

Wang Hengyun and Wang Peichong,


86-411-88969759, 86-411-88964110, 86-411-88969767, 86-411-88969073

The Wanli Police Station


86-411-88964110, 86-411-88969752, 86-411-88969767, 86-411-88969073, 86-411-88969759, 86-411-88969753, 86-411-88969757, 86-411-87687198

Liu Jixin


86-411-88969752, 86-411-88969753, 86-411-88969757, 86-411-87687198

Yu Huajun and Zhao Jinxin

Police chiefs


The Jinzhou District Public Safety Bureau:



Phone Numbers

Xian Jinkui


86-411-87837118 (Office), 86-411-87811818 (Home), 86-133-04091818 (Cell)

Xin Quanli

Political commissioner

86-411-87837115 (Office), 86-411-87711668 (Home), 86-139-98678666 (Cell)

Fan Chengjiang

Deputy Director

86-411-87837113 (Office), 86-411-85917369 (Home), 86-139-98673369 (Cell)

Shao Huizheng

Deputy director

86-411-87837109 (Office), 86-411-87693000 (Home), 86-133-22202223 (Cell)

Shao Benming


86-411-87837077 (Office), 86-411-87821948 (Home), 86-130-50587531 (Cell)

Ding Guoquan


86-411-87837071 (Office), 86-411-87801412 (Home), 86-130-52707207 (Cell)

Gao Mingxi

Deputy captain

86-411-87837071 (Office), 86-411-87811069 (Home), 86-135-55945798 (Cell)

Longwangmiao Police Station



Phone Numbers

Yang Fumeng


86-411-878-05993 (Office), 86-411-87808688 (Home), 86-138-42831001 (Cell)

Song Guizhong


86-411-87811919 (Office), 86-411-87809153 (Home), 86-137-00081226 (Cell)