I obtained the Fa in 1996 when I was a sophomore in college. I was already able to recite the book Zhuan Falun, even before the persecution began on July 20, 1999. This prepared me well to validate the Fa amidst the persecution. During several years of being persecuted by the evil I was viewed as a so-called "important figure to be tightly monitored." I passed those tribulations by constantly reciting the Fa, even though I could recall only eighty to ninety percent of the book's content. I don't want to go into too many details to describe the harsh experiences that I went through. I oftentimes felt as if I no longer lived on this planet, and the only memory remaining was reciting the Fa.

I learned all the poems in Hong Yin II from fellow practitioners after I was illegally detained in a prison by evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials. When the evil arrested me, Hong Yin II had not yet been published. I later learned about it from fellow practitioners who were detained in the same cell.

Because of my refusal to give up my belief, the evil feared that I would impact other practitioners. Therefore, they detained me in a separate cell. I had a chance to meet other practitioners only when we went to wash something. It was at that time that I started memorizing Hong Yin II. At the beginning, fellow practitioners just recited a few words or a line of a poem, but gradually, as time passed by I memorized the whole book. Looking back, this was an incredible experience, as I managed to recite all of Hong Yin II under such hardship!

In fact, I also memorized all of Hong Yin I when I was detained by the evil in Beijing. It was a small cell, but was used to hold eight practitioners from different provinces, including Xinjiang and Guangdong Provinces, etc. The environment was quite good because of the number of practitioners banded together. One practitioner from Xinjiang Province, who just graduated from college, memorized all the poems in Hong Yin I. He then taught me,but he hadn't memorized Zhuan Falun.

On many occasions, the evil tried to instill me with lies by plugging an earphone into my ear. I would then start reciting Zhuan Falun. I felt the Fa was alive and working on me. The evil's attempts finally became futile, and the Fa disintegrated all the evil factors.

I sometimes saw a phenomenon develop with certain fellow practitioners. When they were being pressured to "transform", they couldn't remember what Master had taught them. As I met with some other practitioners, they also told me they couldn't even remember twenty percent of the content in Zhuan Falun. Some of these practitioners couldn't even recall how many lectures were in Zhuan Falun.

In the wake of this persecution, having righteous thoughts is very important. One time, I suddenly felt that my legs were missing, and I couldn't even stand up. Some practitioner suggested I do this or that, but I didn't follow what was said. I just kept reciting the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. Soon, my legs recovered. Many practitioners thought it was a miracle.

One day, the villainous police engaged me in a so-called "assaulting the fortified position," which combined brainwashing with sleep deprivation and corporal punishment. They allowed me to sleep for only one or two hours per day, and sometimes I wasn't allowed to sleep at all for several days. Under such circumstances, I sent forth strong righteous thoughts while reciting the righteous thoughts formula to eliminate the evil factors. At last, the miracle came. I still looked very energetic despite being tortured this way for between one and two months by the evil. The more the villainous police tried to persecute me, the more energy I had. The police were shocked, and they thought it was incredible. Finally, they quit this strategy because they feared that I would fly to the sky.

The evil, in fact, is most fearful of the three things that Master told us to do. When we do something else, it doesn't care. Why is that? Let me share my understanding. One night, I was detained in a confinement cell. When all fellow practitioners were sleeping, I saw a huge toad lunging at me. I instinctively sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. Almost immediately, the toad disappeared without a trace. Because that experience was very vivid, I still remember it to this day, even after several years. At that time, as soon as I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it, I felt heat on my palm.

I studied computer science when I was in college. However, five years after the persecution, when I again tried to pick up the things I once learned in this field, I noticed that many things had changed. Not many people still used the original DOS and Edit systems, and I had to learn everything from scratch. Why did I choose to learn these computer skills again? It was mainly because I wanted to use them to clarify the truth to people. Now, I manage to send tens of thousands of emails a day to tell people about the persecution. I found that as long as I put my heart into the Fa, nothing is overly complex.

I graduated from college in 1999, the same year the persecution began. At that time, because I was very inexperienced in almost every aspect of my life, I was naturally confronted with many challenges and difficulties. I didn't have friends or family to support me. I sometimes even slept on the street. I often felt poverty-stricken, and I had nothing. But then another thought came to me, "Isn't this a good thing?" As long as I have Dafa in my heart, and stay within the compassion of the Buddha light, what a glory and honor it is! Instantly, I felt my heart was as immense as the cosmos. What a great feeling!