(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I noticed some shortcomings among practitioners in our area with regards to validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, and I would like to share my perspective with fellow practitioners. For example, most practitioners in our city are willing to clarify the truth face-to-face to people, but we rarely distribute truth clarification materials. I think that we should do both. Most sentient beings have some understanding of us because they read our truth clarification materials, which have improved in quality over the years. These materials often have photos and help to make it real for the readers. When we talk to others face-to-face, we can't clarify the truth to a full extent because of limited time, so some sentient beings may not fully understand the facts, even when they have quit the three branches of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). If they can receive our materials often, they will better understand the facts. Therefore, we should not underestimate the importance of creating and distributing such materials.

Some practitioners think that our local truth clarification materials haven't had a strong effect, and there are many causes for this situation. One major aspect is that the materials didn't get sufficient distribution, so not many people had a chance to benefit from them. It may not be a problem if one or two practitioners don't look at this issue correctly, but it's a much bigger problem if everyone doesn't pay enough attention to it. Everyone should view the problem from the aspect of Fa rectification as a whole.

Our shortcomings in sending forth righteous thoughts and personal cultivation are also important. We paid attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and having a strong main consciousness after the evil started its persecution. But when our environment got better, we relaxed and didn't do so well in this regard. Some of us sent righteous thoughts on time, but did it really have an effect on eliminating the evil? We should not count on external factors to end the persecution. We should count on ourselves. Teacher has already given us this capability. As long as the evil exists, we should not forget to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. Although we still have many shortcomings and many human attachments, as long as we have strong righteous thoughts, we can reduce many unnecessary losses. The point of eliminating evil is to rectify the universe, and this is our mission and responsibility.

Recently, I have participated in several experience sharing meetings. There was a lot of sharing on saving sentient beings, which is our focus. However, there were few discussions on personal cultivation. As we save sentient beings, we should at the same time pay more attention to improving our xinxing. Otherwise, we might do a lot of things and yet not assimilate to the Fa ourselves. Some practitioners, especially older practitioners, have illness karma or have long-term tribulations, which is actually due to not improving one's xinxing. Some practitioners take doing projects as a substitute for cultivation. When we study the Fa, we are cultivators. But when we are with ordinary people, some of us use ordinary people's ways to solve problems. We cultivate among ordinary people, but the ways we view problems shouldn't be the same. I would like to suggest that we as practitioners pay more attention to xinxing improvement and form a solid cultivation environment. In fact, experience-sharing based on rational understandings can really accelerate our improvement, and this can in turn help us improve as a whole. Because Teacher emphasized personal cultivation in both "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners" and "Teaching the Fa in New York," it must mean that we have problems in that regard.

The above is only my personal view. Comments and corrections are welcome.